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Pirate Bridal Shower Decorations

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One of my best friends is a pirate. I say this half jokingly, but also in all seriousness. So of course I had to throw her a pirate bridal shower!

Sarah and I have been really good friends since high school, but I’ve known her since elementary school. She’s always loved all things pirate and Disney.

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Pirate Bridal Shower Decor

It was no surprise to me when she told us she was going to be having a pirate wedding. I knew it wouldn’t be kitschy, but rather classy pirate (I promise that’s a thing – I mean look at her dress! Clearly classy pirate).

Amy and Sarah at pirate themed bridal shower

So when she asked me to be her Matron of Honor, I immediately started researching how to pull of a classy pirate themed bridal shower! And let me tell you, there’s not a lot out there.

Shockingly, not a lot of people are having pirate bridal showers. So I had to improvise and come up with a lot of the decorations on my own.

Thankfully, I’m pretty resourceful and well versed in DIY projects. So I pulled together some perfect pirate-y decorations to celebrate her before the big day.

Pirate Bridal Shower Decorations

One of my favorite things were these DIY fish net mason jar centerpieces. They came out so beautiful. Everyone loved them!

I even made DIY dyed mason jars to use as the base for the centerpieces.

pirate bridal shower table decorations, fish net mason jar centerpieces

They’re also perfect to use as decorations in your home too. I love that they continue to be useful way after the shower is over. I’m all about reduce, reuse, recycle!

Fish net mason jar decoration centerpiece on dining table

I wanted something special and classy to use as a guest book. I love the idea of people writing message for the bride to open later.

pirate bridal shower - wedding wishes jar - leave us a message with scrolls

So I created this message in a bottle along with tiny paper scrolls for people to write on.

Showcasing pirates themed decorations-beware sign-pirate blunder-pirate chest

I wanted to be able to incorporate pictures of them too. They are such a spirited and adorable couple. What’s a bridal shower without pictures of the bride and groom!

But I wanted them to be ‘on theme’ as well. So I created this cute little wanted sign.

Pirate Bridal Shower Emergency Bulletin - Beware Plunder and Pirate They Be with pictures of the bride and groom

Fun Fact: these pictures were taken at the photo booth at my own wedding over 7 years ago!

This DIY pirate chest to use as a card box is really cool too. It perfectly ties in all the other pieces to make this a super pirate-y affair.

pirate bridal shower card box - drop yer booty

I wanted the pirate chest to have an underwater glowing feel to it. So I painted these submersible lights with the tint I used to make the dyed mason jars.

I turned on the submersible lights and placed them in the pirate box right before the party started so that it would glow.

Painted Blue lights to put in pirate chest drop box

The Details

Sarah’s mom found these awesome chandelier candle holders at Michael’s and I decorated some extra netting with gems to drape over them.

Chandelier candle holder

For me, planning a party is all about the details! So I made sure to have multiple coins, gems, and pearls throughout the entire event.

pirate blunder on pirate mail drop box

I even made sure to scatter gems, pearls, and gold coins along the tables.

Pirate bridal shower card box, drop yer booty

Pirate Bridal Shower Games

One of the games we played was a play on the old clothes pin game. Instead of clothespins we used plastic pirate rings. Everyone received a ring when they came in.

They couldn’t say “pirate, bride, groom, bride’s name, wedding” whoever catches someone saying these things takes their ring! The person with the most rings wins a prize.

I came up with a cute poem, printed it out on some of the antique paper along with their picture, and then taped it to a spray painted gold wine bottle. The poem reads:

Beware there be treasure hunters here

Take a ring and be careful with your lips

Don’t say wedding, bride, Sarah, or pirate

If you hear these words, no permission is needed

Plunder the ring from off their finger

pirate bridal shower game - ring poem - Beware there be treasure hunters here
Take a ring and be careful with your lips
Don't say wedding, bride, [brides name], or pirate
If you hear these words, no permission is needed
Plunder the ring from off their finger

We also played “how well do you know the bride” and “would she rather”. Both were big hits and super fun.

For gifts for the games, we found pirate candles from Bath & Body Works and a Starbucks Gift Card.

I had these pirate-y cookies made by a local baker for people to take home as their party favor. They were some of the best sugar cookies I’ve had!

Pirate themed cookies-compass-anchor-steering wheel

I absolutely love how this bridal shower turned out! And of course the bride loved it too!

Everything is so cute and on theme. But it doesn’t feel overly pirate-y. It’s all classy and works together well.

I also love that all this decor can pull double (triple) duty! I reused almost all this decor at my kids pirate and mermaid birthday party and also in Little Miss bedroom!

Pirate Bridal Shower Decor

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