10 Handmade Gifts for Kids

Kids can be some of the easiest people to shop for on your list. But if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to get some generic gift that just anyone could get.

I mean, Christmas is basically all about the kids! So you want to get them something one of a kind. Something they can love and cherish throughout the year. Not just some toy that will be tossed in a few months.

These handmade gifts for kids are just the thing to make for any kid on your list!

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8 DIY Gifts for Neighbors

I love my neighbors. They are so nice and have helped us out numerous times since we moved in.

Once we left our garage open and they knocked on our door to let us know. I was so thankful that we didn’t leave it open all night! We live in a nice town, but you truly never know.

They also are super sweet with Bugs and always answer all of his million and one questions. So I really love to give them a DIY gifts for neighbors just say thanks for being nice!

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Handmade Christmas Gifts Posts

I love handmade Christmas gifts. They are my absolute favorite kind of gifts to get and receive.

Have you taken the 5 love languages quiz? My love language (and my husbands) is quality time.

I think that’s why I love handmade Christmas gifts. I know someone had to spend their time in order to create it for me. And that’s why I love giving them too.

It’s like giving someone a little piece of your heart. And when you can’t spend time with them, I think handmade Christmas gifts is the next best thing!

I’m doing 5 days of handmade gifts. Be sure to check out all the posts!

Day 1 – 15 Homemade Bath and Body Christmas Gifts

These gifts are perfect for everyone on your list! Super easy to make and everyone loves bath and body products!

Day 2 – 7 DIY Gifts Kids Can Make

Start the love of crafts and DIY early with these DIY Gifts Kids Can Make! Everyone on your list is sure to love homemade Christmas gifts from your little ones!

Day 3 – 8 DIY Gifts for Neighbors

I love giving gifts to my neighbors. We help each other out throughout the year and it’s always nice to give a gift that just says thanks for being a nice neighbor and not caring when my kid asks you a million questions!

Day 4- 11 DIY Gifts for Couples

Couples can be so hard to shop for! Definitely check out this post for the best DIY gifts for couples.

Day 5 – 10 Handmade Gifts for Kids

I love these gifts for kids. They are so cute and sure to make any kid on your list happy!


Explosion Box Template – Shari’s Berries

2018 is absolutely flying by! It’s time to start mentally preparing for the craziness that the holiday season will bring – planning for trips, festive parties, and of course, getting the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

If you’re looking for a quick but also custom and personal gift, look no further than an explosion box! These boxes are like a cross between a card and a gift, with the pages “exploding” out when you lift the box lid. Fill the pages with photos, personalized messages, and you can even put a small gift inside of the box!

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Tips for Organizing a Child’s Playroom

With a child around, it can sometimes seem that cleanliness and organization isn’t a possible goal. The truth is, though, that with a few simple tips, organizing a child’s playroom is easy. You can transform your child’s playroom from a messy frustration into an area that you and your child are happy with.

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