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Simple Bathroom Makeover

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We have a small half bath downstairs that I really wanted to makeover. It just needed a little freshening up. So I did a simple bathroom makeover.

bathroom with green cabinet and black wall behind sink

What kicked off the bathroom makeover was having to cut the banjo counter tops in the bathroom in order to replace the toilet. I wanted to redo the bathroom anyway, but I was going to have to fix the paint on the walls now, so it seemed like the perfect excuse to makeover the whole bathroom.

Picking the Colors

I started by painting the wall above the sink black. Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams is such a good, deep black and had some leftover paint from my fireplace makeover.

bathroom with black wall behind the toilet and sink

I want to paint my kitchen cabinets green, so I decided I’d start in the bathroom to make sure I like the green and can live with it long term. In order to save some money, I mixed up some chalk paint. I used 2 different craft paint greens to get the color I wanted and made my own chalk paint.

2 different colors of acrylic paint, hunter green and thicket

Once the cabinet was painted, I put 2 coats polyurethane on it to protect it. I also had my kids put their hand prints on the inside of the cabinet. This is my favorite part of DIY projects. Adding little personal touches.

small hand prints on the inside of a cabinet

Redoing the faucets

For the faucet and all the hardware in the bathroom I used rub n buff. It’s not ideal for the faucet and handles as it’s already starting to rub off 5 months later, but it still doesn’t look bad. And I can always replace these items in the future if needed.

a towel bar

The rub and buff was very easy to apply. Clean the fixtures well before applying. And scuff up with some sand paper.

a gloved hand holding sandpaper up to a towel bar

Definitely wear gloves and use a paper towel or a rag you can throw away to buff after it has dried. I found applying with my finger the easiest for the bathroom hardware. First, make sure the hardware is clean and dry. Then apply the rub and buff.

close up of a green cabinet with gold knobs

Don’t go over the area too much, or the rub and buff gets pulled off and it can end up being a goopy mess. I found just lightly applying to work well.

close up of a sink with gold faucet

Finishing Touches

I bought a new light from Amazon and I got the mirror from Target. The hardest thing to pick was the paint color for the other walls.

bathroom with green cabinet and black wall behind sink

I hate the current paint in our home. It’s too yellow beige. After picking out multiple samples that all ended up being blue, I chose an oops paint color in a light off white.

I normally don’t gravitate towards white paint colors, but I figured it would play well with the green and black and I really wanted to finish the bathroom. It only took me 5 months to finally pick the paint color and finish off the bathroom!

bathroom with green cabinet and black wall behind sink

So while this was a fairly simple makeover, it did take me quite a while to complete because I couldn’t decide on all the details. But overall I love it.

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