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Self portrait by Lanham Photography


Hi, I’m Amy! I’m a type A, anxious ball of stress. I’m a Southern California girl slowly falling in love with the Arizona desert. I have two amazing kids and the most supportive husband. I mainly stay home with the kids and run this blog and Instagram when I’m able.

I’ve always said I’m doing the projects anyway so I might as well blog about them! I’d be doing projects whether I write about them or not. There are plenty of projects that never make it to the blog, that are just for me and my family. But don’t worry, there’s lots of good projects I share too!


I love all things crafts, holidays, and home decor! I also really enjoy doing crafts with my kids. As they’ve gotten older, it’s been fun to get them more involved with crafts and projects. I really want to help my kids experience the love and joy of crafting that I experience.

I also craft to calm my mind and just do something creative. Life moves fast, and crafting helps me to slow down and enjoy it.


If you want to see pictures from my daily life and what projects I’m up to around the house, you can follow me on Instagram. I try to post regularly to stories as well as to my feed. Also, follow me on Pinterest for home decor inspiration and a variety of crafts!

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Friday 20th of October 2023

Can’t wait to play the Saran Wrap game, with the cards! 🎄❤️


Thursday 2nd of June 2022

Love your idea💕