Toddler Learning Tower - Ikea Bekvam Hack
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Toddler Learning Tower – Ikea Hack

For Bugs second birthday I really wanted to make him a toddler learning tower. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and they look so awesome! With the new baby coming, I want him to be able to be really involved. He loves helping us with the laundry and we already use chairs and step stools so that he can reach the sink or other areas that he’s too short for.

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Photo Sessions

Oak Tree Festival Photo Shoot

During Oak Tree Festival last year, my sister and I decided we should do a fun photo session. I’ve always wanted to do a session at a carnival-like event and so my sister volunteered. I also put out a call on social media and did one other session at the festival. We did this session right before sunset though and on Friday night so there were much fewer people there.

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How to Prepare for your Photo Shoot

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is how to prepare for your photo shoot. That and what to wear! I’ve written a couple times about what to wear and how to prepare for various photo shoots. But since I was doing my own maternity photo shoot, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk to you about how to prepare for your photo shoot. This video originally was an Instagram story, but I figured it would be perfect for the blog as well.

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8 Ways Children Learn

Children are so inquisitive. Have you noticed that your child not only likes to touch the plants, but they like to smell them, count their leaves, pick them and sing songs about them? There are so many things children learn while investigating their surroundings. Ever come across a child who seems to be very smart, but doesn’t want to sit down and trace his ABC’s? Worksheets and drawings are out of the picture, but he/she will run around a cornfield till midnight if you let them?
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DIY Wedding Binder

My best friend Sarah is getting married! She was the Maid of Honor at my wedding almost 7 years ago. I can’t believe it has been that long! She’s feeling a little overwhelmed with the wedding planning, so I decided to create her a DIY wedding binder. This binder is so important to the wedding planning process, especially if you are not having a wedding planner. You should really splurge and create a really good wedding binder.

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Photo Sessions

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions

Spring has definitely arrived in Southern California. I have been enjoying the longer days, warm weather, and those beautiful California sunsets! I am so excited to announce these special Mommy and Me Mini Sessions just in time for Spring! These are specially priced sessions that will take place during the month of May in La Verne, CA and include two flower crowns provided by Glendora Florist. The sessions will be 20 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to document your special relationship with your little one. They are perfect for any age and are timed perfectly for Mother’s Day gift giving. Below is all the information you will need to book your Mommy and Me 2018 Mini Session.

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Winter Activities for Toddlers

I love doing crafts, so it was just a matter of time for my baby to grow a bit and get involved with me. At 1 year old, while we were living in Brazil (my country), as we didn’t have free space at home and there weren’t any good parks for kids outside, I put her in an Arts Class to develop her motor & socialization skills. It was just 1 hours and I had to be present, so I also learned more about simple home activities. I study Pedagogy (and will homeschool soon), so those moments have been important for my knowledge as well. Whether you’re planning to homeschool as well, just spend more quality time with your babies, or understand them better, I made a list of easy activities we can do with them using materials found at home during the cold times.

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construction birthday party printables
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Construction Birthday Party

Bug’s second birthday was a couple weeks ago and we decided to throw him construction birthday party! I know he won’t remember these parties at all at this age, but I have so much fun creating all the decor and planning the party. So I went all out for his second birthday again. I will admit that this year was a little harder with being 8 months pregnant. But I think his party came out perfect. Originally, we were going to have it at our house in the backyard. We ordered tables and chairs and a bounce house. Then it rained all day before the party and was 100% chance of rain for the day of the party. So we moved the party up the street to my mom’s house. Thankfully they live so close.

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Client Tips

What to Wear: Cake Smash – Girl

Cake smash sessions are one of my favorite sessions! They always turn out adorable and I know my clients have so much fun dressing up their little ones and picking their themes. If you are looking for help with cake smash themes you can check out these posts. But today we are going to go over some of the outfit choices, or what to wear cake smash girl. There are so many adorable outfit choices!

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