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Free Rewards Every New Mom Should Sign Up for

I love freebies! Who doesn’t? Speaking of freebies, are you signed up for my email list? I have fun freebies in our VIP Vault and exclusive printables emailed to you once a month. Sign up at the end of the blog post if you are interested! Anyways, back to the free rewards for new moms that you should definitely be taking advantage of! When I first found out I was pregnant, I scoured the internet trying to learn everything I would possibly need to know about having a baby. There were so many things to learn! And so many things to buy… but I learned that there are some places that will give you free things or discounts just by having an email address! How exciting! See my favorite freebies below.

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How I Kept my Business Going after Having a Baby

So life as an entrepreneur rocks. It has some drawbacks, but overall life is pretty sweet. I get to stay home with my kids and wake up whenever I want (ha I haven’t slept in past 6:30 am in months!) But seriously, it’s pretty awesome. One of the drawbacks is that I don’t get a traditional maternity leave. No one is going to do the work for me. No one else is going to write the blog posts, take the pictures, complete the personalized orders, answer the emails, or do any of the other 5,000 things I do every month. When my son was born, the blog and business sat on the back burner for months and months. When we figured out we were pregnant with Little Miss I knew that couldn’t happen. I had to prepare this time to take a couple months off and hopefully still have the business run itself. I don’t make a ton of money doing this, but I still didn’t want to let it go by the wayside like last time. So this time I did things I little differently to ensure the blog and business would stay afloat through those first few months with a newborn.

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Photo Sessions

Downtown Glendora Mini Christmas Session

I love Downtown Glendora. I have grown up here all my life and remember fondly Downtown Glendora as a child and those iconic gumdrop trees. Even now as an adult, I love going for walks in downtown and being able to stroll through the village and past all the many shops. Downtown holds a sort of nostalgia for me, and I believe it does for many other Glendora families too. That’s why I was so excited for this session! I think Downtown Glendora is the perfect place for a family session.

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Photo Sessions

Rocki and Joe Glendora Backyard Wedding

After shooting Rocki and Joe’s engagement session, I was so excited to shoot their wedding. Even though I’ve known Rocki for a long time, when she first contacted me about shooting her wedding. I originally passed. I was over the top excited about the idea of shooting her wedding, but nervous because I don’t normally shoot weddings. After a lot of thought and consideration, I decided it was probably time for me to start shooting weddings. I’ve been putting it off for a long time and have turned down many of the years. I wanted to be sure to pick one that was something I wanted to shoot and was comfortable shooting. Rocki and Joe’s wedding seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. A small, intimate, outdoor, Glendora backyard wedding. And I’m so glad I changed my mind and they booked me. They’re wedding was so much fun and was exactly the type of wedding I want to shoot. They are perfect for one another. They are laid back and so in love and their day really showed it.

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Toddler Learning Tower - Ikea Bekvam Hack
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Toddler Learning Tower – Ikea Hack

Toddler Learning Tower - Ikea Bekvam Hack

For Bugs second birthday I really wanted to make him a toddler learning tower. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and they look so awesome! With the new baby coming, I want him to be able to be really involved. He loves helping us with the laundry and we already use chairs and step stools so that he can reach the sink or other areas that he’s too short for.

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Photo Sessions

Oak Tree Festival Photo Shoot

During Oak Tree Festival last year, my sister and I decided we should do a fun photo session. I’ve always wanted to do a session at a carnival-like event and so my sister volunteered. I also put out a call on social media and did one other session at the festival. We did this session right before sunset though and on Friday night so there were much fewer people there.

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How to Prepare for your Photo Shoot

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is how to prepare for your photo shoot. That and what to wear! I’ve written a couple times about what to wear and how to prepare for various photo shoots. But since I was doing my own maternity photo shoot, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk to you about how to prepare for your photo shoot. This video originally was an Instagram story, but I figured it would be perfect for the blog as well.

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