DIY Confetti Poppers – 4th of July

DIY Confetti Poppers

I’m so excited to share with you these DIY Confetti Popper for 4th of July today! 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, topped only by Christmas and maybe Halloween. For as long as I can remember, my parents have thrown a big 4th of July pool party. All our friends have come to celebrate and we’ve barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers and swam all day long. The night ends watching fireworks from the front lawn put on by one of the local school, or just watching the numerous illegal fireworks that go off in our area. It’s a day that I look forward to as summer approaches. Now that we’re all getting older and having children of our own, there’s starting to be a younger crowd at these parties. And while I still love the fireworks, it’s nice to have something that’s not quite as dangerous. That’s why I created these DIY confetti poppers. They are fun for kids and adults alike.

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Parenting Tips

Claremont Headshots

After doing Robin’s outdoor headshots a few weeks ago, Debbie contacted me about getting outdoor headshots too. I was so excited because we had so much fun on Robin’s shoot. We set up to shoot at a local park, but when we arrived Debbie wasn’t completely sold. As she started talking about herself, I realized this was the wrong location. It didn’t fit her personality at all. She is very outdoorsy and hikes a lot, loves flowers and animals. They have a cabin they built with their own hands! I knew I had to pick a different location.

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Client Tips, Photo Sessions

How to Prepare your Home for a Lifestyle Session

The best part of a newborn session at home is that you don’t really have to get ready and worry about loading everything into the car. The first few months with a new baby can be pretty daunting. Especially if it’s your first, there are all kinds of new things you have to remember to leave the house. From diapers to bottles to hand sanitizer and extra outfits. It will be nice to not have to worry about all these things, but still get the pictures done that you really want to have your new little bundle of joy. But how exactly do you prepare for a lifestyle session? It’s super easy, just follow these tips!

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About Me

D.C. and Baltimore Recap

We had so much fun on our D.C. and Baltimore trip! It was long and Bugs actually did so much better than even I expected. We tried our best to stay on our same schedule, so even though we were in D.C. we stayed on California time. That meant we got a little bit of a late start every day, but it also meant we got to stay out later than usual and see a little bit of the nightlife! We stayed at the Westin City Center and loved it. It was so great. Our room was awesome! We actually stayed in the Atrium suite and it had the cutest little balcony. After Bugs went down, hubs and I would sit on the balcony and play cards. It was a nice way to relax after walking all day. We stayed 3 days in D.C. and then went to visit hubs family in Baltimore and spent another 3 days at their home. We pretty much just went, went, went the entire time we were there. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip!

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About Me

Life with a Toddler

I realized it’s been a little while since I gave you a glimpse into my life. Life with a toddler is so much different than life with a baby! I’m cherishing every new stage, but I definitely am enjoying the toddler stage much more. That doesn’t mean that it is any less challenging though. My little man is consistently on the go. He’s a little daredevil too! Never wanting to sit still and always have to be busy.

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Parenting Tips

Upland Maternity Session – Gibbons

Isn’t there something just so amazing about pregnancy? I love doing maternity sessions because there is always such excitement and love. It’s almost palpable. The parents are so excited about this new little life. I love asking about the sex of the baby and if they’ve picked a name. My clients usually just gush over all of this information and I love it. It’s such a special session! Melissa and Nick were exactly like this when I was asking about their baby. Although they hadn’t picked a name yet, they loving joked about names and nicknames during our session. They talked about how excited they were for their baby to be here and how they had been preparing. Melissa was almost 39 weeks pregnant, so their baby could be here any day! She was calm and collected at the session. They were both incredibly easy to work with, taking direction easily. They were also both so in tune with one another. Their love for each other and their new baby was definitely evident. I love being a witness to these special and intimate moments.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s almost Father’s Day! I swear every year these holidays somehow end up sneaking up on me! So this year, I’m trying to get a super big head start. Now we have three dads to buy for. My dad, my husband’s dad, and then I have to get something for my husband from our toddler! This year, I decided to get an early start and started searching for Father’s Day Gift Ideas early. I started asking my husband and father for things that they were interested in. Then I went to Etsy to see what I could find. Now I’ll put a little disclaimer, I am not a guy, but I think the men in my life will definitely enjoy getting some of these gifts! So here is my list of the best Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

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Photo Sessions

Outdoor Headshots in La Verne

After taking Robin’s family photos a few months back, she asked me about taking head shot photos. I said of course that I would love to create something unique and professional for her! I love outdoor headshots. While there is a time and place for the traditional headshots, I feel that for most up and coming businesses it is a little too stuffy. Robin isn’t a stuffy girl and an indoor, plain background headshot just didn’t suit her. Her essential oil business is all about being healthy and living a full and vibrant life. So I wanted to find a location that had plenty of plants and beautiful overgrowth.

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Parenting Tips

Dealing with Toddlers and Dogs

It’s no secret that my first baby was my dog, Sydney Fyfe. But now that Bugs is getting older and showing interest in Sydney I am trying to learn more about how to deal with toddlers and dogs. So I have Kristine here from to talk about how to deal with toddlers and dogs. You can contact her directly for more information at info @ wellmanneredpups .com.

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About Me, Printable

Lumberjack Birthday Party Decor

John and I handmade so many items for Bug’s lumberjack birthday party that it couldn’t all fit in one post! I showed you a little bit of the decor in my last post about his lumberjack birthday party. I wanted to show you a little more of the decoration that we made for his party and also give you access to some free lumberjack birthday party printables!

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