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How to Take Monthly Baby Photos

Have you seen those beautiful monthly baby photos on Instagram or Pinterest? Of course, you have! I think every new parent stares for hours at those and wonders how to make the same memories for their children. At least I did! I was so excited to watch my baby grow and I wanted pictures to be able to remember how small they were. There are so many different options for these pictures, but there are some things that are key to decide early. Here’s some things to think about when setting up your monthly baby photos.

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Photo Sessions

Downtown Claremont Family Session

I love when clients keep coming back to me with new ideas and for new pictures. I worked with Melissa and Nick for the first time when I did their maternity photos. After their beautiful little boy was born, I took pictures of them again in their home. I love working with them. They are super fun to be around. They are always joking around and are just naturally upbeat people. I was stoked when a few months after their in home newborn session, Melissa contacted me about doing some family photos. She wanted to get some photos of her whole family together for Mother’s Day. It was a shoot with her family, her brothers family, her sisters family, and her parents.

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Photo Sessions

Glendora Maternity Photos

glendora maternity photos

Vivian, Michael, and their daughter met me up in the hills of Glendora. I had never shot at this location before, but it is pretty similar to this location in Upland where I have done a couple maternity shoots. Vivian really liked the feel of those photos but wanted to stay locale to Glendora. This was the perfect location. With lots of wide open spaces, trails, and the overgrowth that makes for some beautiful photos. These Glendora maternity photos came out absolutely gorgeous.

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How to Smile Naturally

smile naturally

I want you to think back to the last time you had family photos taken? I know in this day and age not everyone likes having a camera shoved in their face, so it maybe its been a while. Now, why haven’t you gotten family photos taken recently? Maybe you feel insecure, or you don’t know how to pose or what to do with your hands. It’s probably one of the reasons you don’t step in front of the camera very often. But these are all things that a seasoned photographer can help you with. The key to looking great in photos is to relax and try to be as natural as possible. Now you’re probably thinking, “how do I act normal and relax when I’m so nervous?”. Well, let me tell you a few of my favorite tricks for getting people to smile naturally and not be so nervous.

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Photo Sessions

Glendora Oak Tree Festival Photo Shoot

St. Dorothy’s Oak Tree Festival is one of my favorite activities of the entire year! I look forward to this weekend all year. My family has been going to this festival for as long as I can remember and it’s a tradition that my husband and I have continued even before little man came into the picture. I’ve always wanted to take pictures at a carnival and while I have taken some pictures in years passed, I wanted to do an actual session at the festival this year. So I took to Instagram. I posted a request about wanting to do a session at Oak Tree Festival and that I was looking for models. Caitlin from Killer Cupcake Photography reached out to me about wanting to model. I have met Caitlin on a number of occasions, we have mutual friends and she works at one of my mom’s favorite downtown Glendora stores, Knot Too Shabby. I was thrilled when she reached out to me and was excited about getting to photograph her!

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How to Prepare your Home for a Lifestyle Session

The best part of a newborn session at home is that you don’t really have to get ready and worry about loading everything into the car. The first few months with a new baby can be pretty daunting. Especially if it’s your first, there are all kinds of new things you have to remember to leave the house. From diapers to bottles to hand sanitizer and extra outfits. It will be nice to not have to worry about all these things, but still get the pictures done that you really want to have your new little bundle of joy. But how exactly do you prepare for a lifestyle session? It’s super easy, just follow these tips!

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Photo Sessions

Outdoor Headshots in La Verne

After taking Robin’s family photos a few months back, she asked me about taking head shot photos. I said of course that I would love to create something unique and professional for her! I love outdoor headshots. While there is a time and place for the traditional headshots, I feel that for most up and coming businesses it is a little too stuffy. Robin isn’t a stuffy girl and an indoor, plain background headshot just didn’t suit her. Her essential oil business is all about being healthy and living a full and vibrant life. So I wanted to find a location that had plenty of plants and beautiful overgrowth.

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Lumberjack Cake Smash

My baby is one! It’s so crazy that he is already one year old! Because I’m so crazy and excited about him being one, I went a little overboard. I wrote a couple weeks ago about some cake smash themes for boys and girls and said I had picked a Lumberjack cake smash theme for Bugs cake smash. When I originally picked this theme, I had no idea that it was so popular! Searching for props for photo shoots is definitely one of my favorite parts of themed shoots.

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Photo Sessions

Downtown Glendora Family Photos – Lopez Family

After doing a family session in Downtown Glendora a few months ago, I knew I wanted to do more sessions down there. It’s such a great location for a session. It’s never super crowded and there’s a lot of beautiful scenery. When I first decided I wanted to do another downtown Glendora family photo session, I had the Lopez family in mind. Every year we do their Christmas photos, and I just knew they would be perfect for this location.

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