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How to Prepare your Home for a Lifestyle Session

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The best part of a newborn session at home is that you don’t really have to get ready and worry about loading everything into the car. The first few months with a new baby can be pretty daunting. Especially if it’s your first, there are all kinds of new things you have to remember to leave the house. From diapers to bottles to hand sanitizer and extra outfits. It will be nice to not have to worry about all these things, but still get the pictures done that you really want to have your new little bundle of joy. But how exactly do you prepare for a lifestyle session? It’s super easy, just follow these tips!

Home Lifestyle Session

Choose Rooms Where You Normally Spend Time

You’ll want to have a general idea of what rooms you want to use during your shoot. I love doing pictures in the nursery, even if baby isn’t using their crib yet. I also think your room is perfect as well as the living room. But we can shoot in any room that you normally spend time in. I tell clients that during the lifestyle photo shoot to do activities that you normally do. If that means sitting on the couch, goofing off, or playing video games, then do that! Being natural and doing things you normally do will help the photos look the most authentic. 

Declutter and Tidy Up, Don’t Clean

You just had a baby! Don’t be worried about cleaning your house! I promise I won’t be taking pictures of your dust. The best thing to do is right before the session, walk through the main rooms that you chose and declutter side tables, tables, and counters. Make the bed, throw the throw pillow on the couch, and put that cute blanket in the crib. Only focus on the rooms you are prepared to use. Don’t run through the whole room with a fine tooth comb. Remember, I won’t be focusing on the whole room, but small parts and the real focus is your new baby and family. As I’m shooting, I’ll also be looking for things that need to be smoothed or rearranged in the background. So don’t worry too much about this.

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Don’t Stress

I know being in front of the camera can be stressful, but this session isn’t about perfection. Just remember that this session is all about capturing the love of your family and the newness of your little bundle of joy. Don’t stress. Just focus on enjoying this time with your family and the pictures will fall perfectly into place!

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