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Lumberjack Cake Smash

My baby is one! It’s so crazy that he is already one year old! Because I’m so crazy and excited about him being one, I went a little overboard. I wrote a couple weeks ago about some cake smash themes for boys and girls and said I had picked a Lumberjack cake smash theme for Bugs cake smash. When I originally picked this theme, I had no idea that it was so popular! Searching for props for photo shoots is definitely one of my favorite parts of themed shoots.

Lumberjack Cake Smash

Target had a lot of the props. I got the cake stand there a couple months back, when I originally bought it I was completely unsure what I would use it for. But the cake stand was perfect for this shoot! The little fire was also bought at Target around Christmas. The box and trees I already had at home. The banners we made. I used the “1” from this Lumberjack Banner from our Etsy shop, my mom helped by adding strips of ribbon. It’s also the perfect length for a high chair! So we were able to use this banner for his birthday party too!

I love the way this session turned out! I’m probably just a tad bit biased, of course, since it is my own son, but I already have these pictures printed and hanging in my house because they are just too cute! The cake was from Albertsons because although I’m pretty crafty, I don’t bake. Bugs had a cupcake a couple days before and seemed to like it, but he wasn’t about this cake at all. I was honestly a little surprised. He’s usually all about getting messy with his food! I don’t think he liked the texture and he wanted to finger paint.

Bugs didn’t want to be alone and kept walking to Dad or me to try to pick him up. So Dad stepped in and tried to get Bugs excited about the cake smash. This didn’t work at all, but I did get some cute pictures! And Dad got covered in frosting 🙂

I love when parents get in cake smash pictures, they are some of my favorite photos.

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