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Cake Smash Themes for Girls

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Cake smash themes for girls with Pink  balloon attached to white chair

Bugs is turning 1 soon!! I’ve been busily planning his party and cake smash session. When looking for ideas for his birthday, I came across so many adorable things! So I thought I should do a couple blog posts of my favorite themes that I’ve come across. I’m going to start with cake smash themes for girls to hold out the suspense for what Bugs theme will be!

Cake Smash Themes for Girls

There are so many great themes for girls! Here are my favorites:


Anything Disney is absolutely adorable. You can do Disney princesses, Frozen, Up. The possibilities are really endless. Dress them up in a super cute themed outfit with a matching cake and bam.


Again, this could go under Disney, but this is just more for a general princess theme. Tutu or dress, in pink of course.

Under the Sea/Mermaid

While you could categorize this under Disney, it doesn’t totally fall within the theme. I love the idea of a creme cake with little shells or “pearls” at the bottom (as long as they’re not a choking hazard!). And she can wear a little mermaid tail. Precious!


What girl doesn’t love a little sparkle? Gold accents and a really sparkly cake stand set this cake smash up for success.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This blue color is my absolute favorite. You can have her wear a cute black tutu and get a blue square shaped cake. Simple and sweet.

Vintage/Shabby Chic

Take a cute distressed box and use it as a cake stand. You can use vintage frames and some scraps of fabric and burlap for the backdrop. Keep things simple with a clean white cake.


Two words: cowboy boots. Chubby baby legs in cowboy boots have to be the cutest thing in the world. Add a cowboy hat if she’ll wear it and you’re all set.

Tea Party

Who didn’t love having tea parties when they were little? Set a little table for two and have mini cakes instead of sandwiches. Or make the cake look like tea cups! Either way, it will be super cute.


Get a little teepee and go shoot out in the wilderness! Ok maybe not the wilderness, your backyard will work just fine. Give her a little headband and a cute romper and you’re good to go!


Think red, white and black big top tents. Put her name on a banner as the latest coming attraction. Get little toy animals that she can play with and smoosh in the frosting. Don’t forget a little lion and a hoop!

Which is your favorite cake smash theme? If you’re looking for cake smash themes for boys be sure to check out this post. And be sure to contact me to book a session for your little one! I’d love to create a unique experience for you. If you’d like more photo prop ideas, follow me on Pinterest!

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