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Cake Smash Themes for Boys

Cake Smash Themes for boys

My little boys first birthday is quickly approaching. So, of course I’ve been doing lots of research on cake smash themes. A few weeks ago I showed you some cake smash themes for girls, so now it’s only fair I show some cake smash themes for boys. I’ll also tell you which one I’ve decided to do for my little boys cake smash session! Super excited as it will be planned in the next couple weeks.

Cake Smash Themes for Boys

Obviously, there is some overlap. Of course, boys and girls can do any theme cake smash they want and are not limited to things just on this list.


Comic book characters, superheros, or just bog colorful pow, bam!


Boats and seashells and blue everywhere.


Cowprint, cowboy boots, and hay bales. Adorable on any kid!


This could be any fuzzy, cuddly monster. Think fun and funny.


Baseball, basketball, football, etc. Pick your favorite and go all out!


What kid at this age doesn’t love farm animals. I love the idea of overalls and bales of hay.


Think little dump trucks and construction hats. Lots of yellow and orange. Maybe even some orange cones and a little yellow vest.

Super Mario

Super Mario was one of my favorite games growing up! And now with the return of Super Mario Run, this seems like the perfect theme for a cake smash session


This could encompass so many things! Mickey, Toy Story, or Cars are just a few of my favorites. But the possibilities are really endless in this category.


Red and black plaid, cute woodland animals, and camping gear. I love this theme and this is what we have decided to do for Bugs cake smash and his first birthday party. I’m so excited!

Which one is your favorite? I’d love to help you create a wonderful themed cake smash for your next birthday! Contact me. And follow me on Pinterest for more ideas!

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