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4 Things to Have On Hand during your Lifestyle Newborn Session

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In order for your lifestyle newborn session to go off with out a hitch its a good idea to plan in advance. You honestly don’t have to do too much to prepare! I know you just had a baby and that they are taking up most of your time right now. That is to be expected! So to help you prepare ahead of time and start thinking, maybe even before baby comes, here are 4 things that you should have on hand during your lifestyle newborn session.

Lifestyle Newborn Session

1. Books or other props

Books and toys are great especially if you have older children. I love photos of the whole family reading or playing together. It’s also good for me to get pictures of one parent with the older children while the other tends to babies needs (if you don’t want pictures of feeding or changes)

newborn lifestyle session family of 4 sitting on floor of play room
newborn lifestyle session dad and toddler reading book

2. Change of Outfit/Burp Cloths

Let’s face it, babies spit up a lot. There’s also the possibility they might have a blow out. So change of clothes is vital. Having something already planned, for yourself and baby (and really anyone else) will make it so much less stressful if baby needs to be changed. If baby doesn’t need to be changed, you always have the option of a wardrobe change half way through!

3. Swaddlers

If your baby likes to be swaddled these are invaluable. Sometimes babies are just fussy for no apparent reason. Swaddling may help them to calm down so that we can continue the session. They also just look so darn cute when swaddled! Although, if baby is crying or upset, no worries. We can work through this!

swaddled baby girl with flower crown

4. Sentimental Items

I like to include something important to you or your family in the session. Some items to consider would be handmade blankets, stuffed animals, letters of babies name, something special from the shower, or even the newspaper from the day they were born. Think outside the box, you can use anything you want!

There are plenty of other things that you may want to include in your pictures, these are just the top four items that are good to have at a moments notice!

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