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Lumberjack First Birthday Party

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Last week I shared with you Bug’s Lumberjack cake smash and this week I’m so excited to share Part 1 of his Lumberjack First birthday party! I made so much decor and took so many pictures that it all wouldn’t fit in one post! Be sure to be on the lookout for the second post that has some free Lumberjack printables as well!

Outdoor chalkboard sign titled haul your axes that a way with a tree and axe drawn
Lumber jack birthday party at

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Bugs first birthday party was so much fun! John and I wanted to make food that was ‘on theme’, so we chose pulled pork. It felt like a meal you might eat camping.

But I totally messed up on the portion sizes. I read somewhere that you should figure half to a full pound per person. So we ended up buying about 20 pounds of meat for 30 ish people.

Well, it was way too much food! We ended up with about 10-15 pounds of left over pork. Thankfully pork freezes pretty well! But man do we have a lot of pork to eat.

Thankfully, this was just a minor mess up for our first birthday and everyone still had a great time! Now onto some of the great decorations!

Lumberjack First Birthday Party

Welcome chalkboard sign titled haul your axes that a way with drawn tree and axe

My mom helped out with a lot of the decor. She made these two chalkboard signs for the entrance and I love the way they turned out! Especially that driftwood one. She hand glued all of the bark and then freehand drew the chalk message.

Welcome chalkboard sign held by teddy bear on bench

For the tables, we went with some simple decor. I decided to cover the tables in butcher paper so that people could draw on it and we left out some crayons.

There were some really cute designs drawn and I wish I would’ve gotten pictures! But the cleanup crew was too fast. We also put pinecones with pictures on the tables.

As you know, I don’t share many pictures of Bugs, but I take pictures of him pretty much on a daily basis. I wanted to be able to show off some pictures and how he’s grown.

We also used simple wood rounds with lanterns on them for centerpieces. As you can see in the background, we also took out a bunch of our kids toys for the young ones to play with and it was a hit.

plants in wood center piece on table
Lumberjack First Birthday- Table Decor with lantern on wood plank
toy fire on wood plan centerpiece

I wanted woodland animals to make an appearance at the party, and what better place than the trash cans! A moose also showed up to drink out of the watering hole.

Stuffed wooden animals on wagon going for trash with sign titled Don't feed the animals trash only
A stuffed moose in the watering hole

I made these special monthly custom pictures for Bugs and wanted to find a cute way to display them. So I took this Lumberjack banner that you can find in our Etsy shop and added the custom monthly pictures that you can also find in our Etsy shop!

I love the way it turned out. The theme for Bugs first year was Superhero. I’m not entirely sure how it came about, but I absolutely love the way it turned out. If you notice, Month 4 is different, and that’s because I had a computer failure that month, before I could save all my work. So that month’s photo was lost and I had to make it up.

The “costumes” are: 1- Woody from Toy Story, 2- Rafael from TMNT, 3- 007, 4- Superman, 5- Batman, 6- Robin, 7- Mickey, 8- Superman, 9- Elf, 10- New Year Baby, 11- Mickey Valentine, 12- Captain America. You can also see my mom’s creativity in the “Stay Wild my Child” sign. I love her cute bear!

Custom pictures hanging on a banner on the fence and stay wild my child sign on table with snacks and beverages

I also made these adorable First Birthday Time Capsule printables for his Lumberjack first birthday party that we had everyone fill out. Bugs will open them on his 18th birthday and get to read all the things people wished for him at his 1st birthday!

I’m pretty excited about it. There are some really cute sentiments and some really fun things as well! It will be so nice to get to share these with him. Check them out in our Etsy shop!

Lumberjack first birthday Time Capsule Printable
People wearing flannels writing on the lumberjack printable

Be sure to check out the continuation of his birthday party decor where you can score some free Lumberjack Printables!

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