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Plane Travel with a Toddler

Plane travel with a toddler is definitely not for the faint of heart, although, neither is driving long distances with a toddler. I am a typical type A personality. I always research and plan, pretty much every major or minor decision in my life. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten a little bit better with this, but when it comes to something like a cross country flight, I went a bit overboard. After much research, this is how I survived our cross country flight and I’ll write later about a few of the things I wish I’d done differently.

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Packing for D.C. – Traveling with a toddler

Traveling with a Toddler

I’ve always thought of myself as an expert packer, even though I have almost no experience in packing for long trips. But since we’ve always lived in small homes and I grew up going camping, I’ve gotten used to cramming a lot of things in small places. Since I’d never traveled with a toddler though I was a little overwhelmed. I read as much on the internet about traveling with a toddler as I possibly could. My searching led me to Trips with Tykes and I fell in love. I devoured every single one of their posts. Since we were going to visit family we had already planned on them getting a few of the things we would need while we were there, but there were still a lot of things that we needed to pack.

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At Home Lifestyle Session – Gibbons

at home lifestyle session

An at home lifestyle session is one of my favorite sessions! After we did Melissa and Nick’s maternity session in Claremont, I was so excited to meet their little boy! I normally recommend doing the newborn home lifestyle session within the first month after the baby is born. We booked the session for when Jameson was a little over a month old. I met them at their home. They had some ideas in mind and outfits that they wanted to be photographed.

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Claremont Headshots

After doing Robin’s outdoor headshots a few weeks ago, Debbie contacted me about getting outdoor headshots too. I was so excited because we had so much fun on Robin’s shoot. We set up to shoot at a local park, but when we arrived Debbie wasn’t completely sold. As she started talking about herself, I realized this was the wrong location. It didn’t fit her personality at all. She is very outdoorsy and hikes a lot, loves flowers and animals. They have a cabin they built with their own hands! I knew I had to pick a different location.

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Upland Maternity Session – Gibbons

Isn’t there something just so amazing about pregnancy? I love doing maternity sessions because there is always such excitement and love. It’s almost palpable. The parents are so excited about this new little life. I love asking about the sex of the baby and if they’ve picked a name. My clients usually just gush over all of this information and I love it. It’s such a special session! Melissa and Nick were exactly like this when I was asking about their baby. Although they hadn’t picked a name yet, they loving joked about names and nicknames during our session. They talked about how excited they were for their baby to be here and how they had been preparing. Melissa was almost 39 weeks pregnant, so their baby could be here any day! She was calm and collected at the session. They were both incredibly easy to work with, taking direction easily. They were also both so in tune with one another. Their love for each other and their new baby was definitely evident. I love being a witness to these special and intimate moments.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s almost Father’s Day! I swear every year these holidays somehow end up sneaking up on me! So this year, I’m trying to get a super big head start. Now we have three dads to buy for. My dad, my husband’s dad, and then I have to get something for my husband from our toddler! This year, I decided to get an early start and started searching for Father’s Day Gift Ideas early. I started asking my husband and father for things that they were interested in. Then I went to Etsy to see what I could find. Now I’ll put a little disclaimer, I am not a guy, but I think the men in my life will definitely enjoy getting some of these gifts! So here is my list of the best Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

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Dealing with Toddlers and Dogs

It’s no secret that my first baby was my dog, Sydney Fyfe. But now that Bugs is getting older and showing interest in Sydney I am trying to learn more about how to deal with toddlers and dogs. So I have Kristine here from www.thepetcarepros.com to talk about how to deal with toddlers and dogs. You can contact her directly for more information at info @ wellmanneredpups .com.

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The Advice I wish I would have Listen To

I can’t believe it’s already been a year. My little man is officially a year old a time has just flown by! This past weekend we had his first birthday party and I can’t wait to share it with you. But now that it’s been a year, I find myself reminiscing a lot. Thinking back to those first few months, and I’m still not totally sure how we survived. I’m so thankful for our support system. It’s the whole reason we moved back to Glendora, and although it was a little bit of a rough transition, it has been so good for our family. While reminiscing and going through items for his party, I thought back to my baby shower and all the advice I received while pregnant. In those first few months, it was just about surviving. But now, I look back and realize how much I should have listened to.

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Baby Bottle Storage Solutions

Baby Bottle Storage Solutions

Back in the days when I was pregnant, I knew I was embarking on a journey that would be filled with stuff. Children have a way of collecting things and there is a lot of stuff that they need. Like lots and lots of stuff! But I didn’t quite realize that the biggest struggle with stuff for an infant is bottles. I expected the toys and my living room to be littered with them and to constantly be picking them up. But I didn’t expect my countertops to be cluttered with bottles constantly. If you’re anything like me, at the end of everyday your counters probably look something like this:

Bottles cluttering countertop

Then, where do all these bottles go? They mostly just sit on the counter waiting to be used again. I really needed some bottle storage solutions. Sigh. So I set out trying to find the best ways to contain this clutter and this is what I’ve found!

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Tips and Tricks for a Successful Move Part 1

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Move

Our move to Glendora marked the 6th time in our 5 years of marriage that we moved! Over the years I’ve learned many tips and tricks for a successful move. I have definitely learned these the hard way, through much trial and error. These are my tried and true methods for getting through a move as painlessly as possible. Nobody wants to move, but hopefully these tips and tricks for a successful move will make it a little easier.

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