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Tips for Organizing a Child’s Playroom

With a child around, it can sometimes seem that cleanliness and organization isn’t a possible goal. The truth is, though, that with a few simple tips, organizing a child’s playroom is easy. You can transform your child’s playroom from a messy frustration into an area that you and your child are happy with.

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How to Help Your Child Accept a New Baby


Expecting a new baby is both exciting and terrifying! Especially when you have another child at home already. How will they react to the new baby. Here are some simple tips on how to help your child accept a new baby.

When I found out I was pregnant with Little Miss, one of my first worries was how Bugs would adjust. I wanted to aid him in accepting this new baby as much as possible.

As soon as we found out she was a girl and picked her name, we immediately started telling Bugs about her. We’d let him kiss my belly and tell him about his sister.

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Why Your Second Kid Is Different

Why Your Second Kid Is Different

Do you remember being told as a first time mom “you won’t do that with your second kid”?

This phrase used to annoy me to no end. I was always thinking, “of course I’m still going to do that!”

I had no idea what they were talking about. I always pictured that commercial where with the first kid the mom is hand sanitizing everything and with her second she just hands the kid to the mechanic to write a check.

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Survive Your Summer Party with these Tips by Sprinkles & Confetti (

As the summer days and nights quickly come and go, make sure you take a moment to enjoy the sunshine, backyard BBQ, picnics, and outdoor celebrations with these helpful party tips from Sprinkles & Confetti.

Whether you’re gearing up to celebrate a summer birthday or sitting guests down for a special bridal or baby shower, there are a few things we recommend to survive any kind of summer party!

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What I’ve Learned about Life with a Newborn and Toddler

life with a newborn and toddler

Wow! The past few months have been a whirlwind! Thankfully, I did tons of prep work before Little Miss was born and the business has pretty much kept itself running. Sorry I haven’t been able to drop in and update you on our new life yet, but here’s a brief taste of what life has been like with a newborn and toddler over the past few months.

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Free Rewards Every New Mom Should Sign Up for

I love freebies! I mean who doesn’t?! There are a lot of free rewards for new moms that you should definitely be taking advantage of!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I scoured the internet trying to learn everything I would possibly need to know about having a baby. There were so many things to learn! And so many things to buy… but I learned that there are some places that will give you free things or discounts just by having an email address! How exciting! See my favorite freebies below.

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