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30 Day Grateful Journal

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Have you ever tried a gratitude journal? It can make an amazing difference in your life.

30 Day grateful journal free printable pin - shows what the grateful journal looks like. A purple and pink watercolor banding at the top that says be grateful everyday. Below that is two columns with numbers 1 through 31 with lines next to each number

The first time I used a gratitude journal is 2018. It was a rough season for me. I had a 18 month old and was pregnant with my second.

I felt like I had no time to myself and I was sooo overly exhausted. Therefore, it was really easy to get into a ‘woah is me’ attitude.

So, I started using a gratitude journal nightly to help me recenter myself.

30 Day Grateful Journal

Of course, using a gratitude journal didn’t make all my problems go away! But it helped to redefine my reality and remind me of all the great parts of my day.

I started by listing three things that I was grateful for that day. If it was a hard day I might try to list more.

It’s not something I do every month, but I find when I am in a funk I can start again and it really help me.

If you’re in a hard season, I recommend starting a gratitude journal today because it’s wonderful to see all the things that are good even in hard times.

That’s why I created this printable 30 day grateful journal to share with you!

Grateful weekly journal pin - top says I am grateful for then there are 7 boxes for the days of the week.

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