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Mermaid and Pirate Party Decorations

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We celebrated Bugs and Little Miss’ 3rd and 1st birthdays, respectively, with a mermaid and pirate party! It was so much fun! Both the kids really enjoyed the party and everything went perfectly.

Kid's mermaid and pirate birthday party decorations

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The kids had such a great time and really enjoyed their party! They especially enjoyed the bounce house. I mean what kid wouldn’t!

Pirate bounce house in the background with tables and chairs in the foreground

Even Little Miss got in on the jumping fun. I had to keep the crazy 3 year olds out, but that only lasted so long!

Woman and boy playing in bounce house

The kids also loved the blow up swords. They kept hitting all the life-sized mermaid and pirate balloons with them. Getting these swords was a great idea. Even the adults enjoyed them.

Mermaid and pirate party decorations

We still have about 5 swords left. They have lasted such a long time!

The kids also loved the piñata. Obviously. What kid doesn’t love candy! And I got these super cute treat bags that go with the theme!

Boy missing a pirate chest piñata and getting hit by the ribbon

But for me, parties are all about the decorations! I love love love party decor. And for my kid’s first birthdays I tend to go all out.

Mermaid and Pirate Party Decorations

Inside Party Decorations

The party was mainly outside, but we needed somewhere to put gifts and also somewhere to put the time capsules for Little Miss.

Mermaid and pirate party decorations on wall and dining table

For my kids first birthdays, I ask everyone who attends to fill out a time capsule that they can open when they turn 18. I think it’s such a beautiful tradition.

My mom decorated the table for the time capsules super cute. She cut out fish from some construction paper and used some of our Halloween decorations to decorate. She also found these cute pirate treasure maps to decorate with.

Mermaid and pirate party decorations in bathroom

I even wanted the bathroom to be on theme. So I found some seashells and some cute hand towels to put on the sink.

Sea shells and a blue nautical soap dispenser

Outside Decorations

Pink paper lantern jellyfish

My mom made these adorable jellyfish out of paper lanterns and plastic table cloths. They looked so adorable over our drinks table.

Mermaid and pirate party decorations

For the drinks table we also used some of our Halloween decorations. Like this cute pirate that we call Willy!

Mermaid and pirate party decorations including hanging jellyfish and drinks in jars and ups on table

I used the pirate chest to hold the pirate hats and mermaid crowns. Unfortunately, very few of the kids wore the hats! But a couple of the adults did. The kids were really into the eye patches though!

Pirate hats and mermaid crowns in a pirate chest.
Me and my sister taking a picture

I love to have the monthly pictures that I take of the kids at their first birthday party. So I put Little Miss’ monthly photos outside with the marque one from her cake smash hanging above.

First Birthday photo banner

Cardboard Pirate and Mermaid Decorations

My parents had some big cardboard boxes and so we decided to make ships and a little photo booth.

Pirate and mermaid photo booth

The ships were pretty easy to make. My mom made the ships and just freehand drew them. We were able to use spray paint we already had making this basically a free decoration!

blue cardboard pirate ship


After Bugs first birthday party, we decided to stop making food for parties. We may have purchased half pound of pork butt for every person that was attending. We had easily 10 pounds of pulled pork left over!

So now we leave the cooking to the professionals! We still have extra food, but we don’t have to worry about cooking or clean up. So we normally get a taco lady.

salsa bar

That meant all we had to do was get desert and a little fruit. My mom and sister helped cut the fruit and made an adorable fruit bowl.

Since Little Miss is allergic to milk we chose to do cupcakes instead of a cake. I bought the cupcakes from Sam’s Club, because they were cheap and yummy.

Mermaid and pirate party decorations including a blue and white cupcakes

I bought cute pirate cupcake wrappers and toppers, but I couldn’t find any cute mermaid ones. So I bought wrappers, but had to make the toppers with some gift tags and toothpicks.

White cupcake with pirate flag on top

I used a cupcake stand to hold the cupcakes. I used some scrapbook paper to create a water effect on the stand. I think it came out great!

Three tier cupcake stand

We also had popsicles, a dairy-free alternative. Of course all the kids wanted the popsicles!

The party was so much fun and I had such a great time decorating for it! While I love decorating and planning these parties, I really love the time I get to spend with my mom planning and decorating and shopping.

Me my sister and friends taking a picture

I also reused most of the pirate and mermaid party decorations for Little Miss ocean themed bedroom! I love when I can reuse decorations in my house.

Mermaid and pirate party decorations

This is probably my favorite theme we’ve had so far. Bugs also had a lumberjack party and a construction party. What was your favorite kids party theme?

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