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Kids Ocean Bedroom Decor

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I finally finished Little Miss’ kids ocean bedroom decor! We never decorated her nursery because, well, she never had one. We set up her crib in our room and that’s where she slept until around 9 months. Then we moved her into her own room.

Ocean Themed Bedroom for Kids, hutch with let's be mermaid on top and a pirate chest

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I had planned to have her room done by the time we moved her in there. But nothing ever seems to go to plan!

I chose an under the sea, ocean theme because I had made so much decor for my friends pirate themed bridal shower. Then we had Little Miss’ and Bugs’ mermaid and pirate birthday party!

I love being able to use things that I already have to decorate so that I’m not consistently buying new things! I had a lot of really cute ocean things that I didn’t want to get rid of. So everything got repurposed to use in her room.

We also recently painted her room a light pink. I love the way it turned out! It’s so girly and cute, but in a very non-traditional way.

Kids Ocean Bedroom Decor

My favorite thing in her room are these nautical wooden signs I made for above her bed. They really help to pull the whole under the sea, ocean theme together.

Wood wall art with a wheel of a ship, compass, and anchor, above a blue crib with a baby standing inside.

There was some left over netting from the party and I draped it over the Murphy bed. I also put up her picture banner of all her monthly photos. I love keeping these in the kids room for as long as possible. It makes me happy when I walk by!

White murphy bed wall with blue netting and a picture banner. Shelving units to either side. A dog sits in the middle looking at the viewer.

There’s ample storage in this room thanks to the two shelving units, book case, and hutch. The hutch I had a hard time decorating, but I think it turned out really cute.

White hutch with let's be mermaid on top and a pirate chest. Multiple knickknacks inside the hutch. A baby is standing at the bottom looking up towards the top of the hutch.

I ended up using the space for some linens, as well as art supplies. This is where I reused the DIY tinted netted mason jars.

Blue tinted mason jars holding some art supplies, brushes and pencils.

Also, how cute is this mermaid painting that a friend painted for Little Miss for her birthday! It goes perfectly in her room.

Light blue mermaid painting with a marque one next to it

There are toys on the shelving units and book case.

I love her room so much! I was nervous about the under the sea, ocean theme. But it’s so much cuter than I ever imagined!

Ocean Themed Bedroom for Kids, hutch with let's be mermaid on top and a pirate chest

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