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Indoor Family Activities To Relax When Summer Is Too Hot

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Each summer brings at least a few sweltering days. You just want to stay home and relax, possibly as close to the air conditioner, fan, or cooler as you can. The kids grow restless too, and unless you want to hear repetitive complaints about the heat (like it’s your fault), engage the family in some indoor family activities to distract them.

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Here are 5 indoor family activities to help everyone relax when the summer is too hot:

Indulge in Arts and Crafts

Even if there are no Picasso’s in your family, it doesn’t matter. Cover a table with some plastic to protect it and bring out the sketching and painting supplies. Let everyone express their creativity. Don’t be afraid of the paint splotches on the clothes, faces, and limbs of children. It’s all about having fun. Everyone can draw and paint based on a theme or do their own thing. If there’s an old piece of furniture that requires a fresh coat of paint, why not do it together?

This might also be a good time for DIY crafts. You could even recycle and repurpose something together. Dig into your closet and refashion old clothes by adding embellishments. The kids can make a new scrapbook or update an existing one. They could even try to pick up a new skill like making bracelets with yarn by following online tutorial videos.

Chill Out with a Movie Marathon

Pick a genre that allows the entire family to watch together. Get the popcorn, other snacks, and water or lemonade ready. Prepare the ambiance by arranging a few pillows, drawing the curtains, and turning the phones on silent.

Enjoy watching some good movies together. It’s possible to follow up the movies with discussions on the characters, plots, twists, and themes. Each member of the family can share their perspective.

Play Games

Playing games is a good way for the family to bond when the hot weather shackles everyone to the house. Gather around the carom board, or use a whiteboard and play Pictionary.

If there are any board games that the family enjoys, this might be a great time to play them. Playing video games is an option too.

Family members who prefer mentally stimulating options can play games like solitaire online, piece together some puzzles, or engage in a strategy battle with chess.

Make Delicious Treats

What’s better than enjoying cool treats? Making some of your own! Instead of just having cold beverages, why not make some popsicles together? The kids can come up with unique combinations of fruits that you can add to the molds. Such treats are a healthy way to beat the heat. The family can also prepare ice cream sandwiches, sorbets, smoothies, and creative drinks.

Listen, Narrate, or Read Some Stories

A great way to distract the mind from the heat is to escape to imaginary lands. The entire family can sit together and listen to a compelling audiobook. Narrating stories is also a good idea. Each member of the family can share something – a fictional story, an anecdote, or even a life lesson.

If you have passionate readers in the house, some interesting books can guarantee a few quiet and relaxed hours. You can also read to the younger kids who haven’t learned to do so themselves.

Enjoy these Indoor Family Activities

Most of these activities require little to no movement; these are meant for intensely hot days because that’s when everyone seems possessed by heat-induced lethargy. On such sweltering days, you would also want to prevent any kind of heat exhaustion.

Ensure that everyone remains hydrated. Take advantage of the heat to engage in activities that will strengthen the family bonds. Make this a summer to remember!

This post was written by Steven Briggs. Steven Briggs is a cognitive engagement consultant and writes about its connection to a wide variety of aspects such as learning, mental wellness, relaxation, productivity, etc.

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