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Tips for Organizing a Child’s Playroom

With a child around, it can sometimes seem that cleanliness and organization isn’t a possible goal. The truth is, though, that with a few simple tips, organizing a child’s playroom is easy. You can transform your child’s playroom from a messy frustration into an area that you and your child are happy with.

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The Traveling Tooth Fairy – Passport 4 Change

“The more you experience in life, the more you have to offer others”-Sara Blakley

I’m a Flight Attendant and my husband is a commercial airline Pilot and we have traveled to more than 60 different countries. Travel is so important to us for so many reasons. I love to get out of my comfort zone and exploring different cultures.

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Survive Your Summer Party with these Tips by Sprinkles & Confetti (

As the summer days and nights quickly come and go, make sure you take a moment to enjoy the sunshine, backyard BBQ, picnics, and outdoor celebrations with these helpful party tips from Sprinkles & Confetti.

Whether you’re gearing up to celebrate a summer birthday or sitting guests down for a special bridal or baby shower, there are a few things we recommend to survive any kind of summer party!

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8 Ways Children Learn

Children are so inquisitive. Have you noticed that your child not only likes to touch the plants, but they like to smell them, count their leaves, pick them and sing songs about them? There are so many things children learn while investigating their surroundings. Ever come across a child who seems to be very smart, but doesn’t want to sit down and trace his ABC’s? Worksheets and drawings are out of the picture, but he/she will run around a cornfield till midnight if you let them?
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Winter Activities for Toddlers

I love doing crafts, so it was just a matter of time for my baby to grow a bit and get involved with me. At 1 year old, while we were living in Brazil (my country), as we didn’t have free space at home and there weren’t any good parks for kids outside, I put her in an Arts Class to develop her motor & socialization skills. It was just 1 hours and I had to be present, so I also learned more about simple home activities. I study Pedagogy (and will homeschool soon), so those moments have been important for my knowledge as well. Whether you’re planning to homeschool as well, just spend more quality time with your babies, or understand them better, I made a list of easy activities we can do with them using materials found at home during the cold times.

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How to Help YOUR Child Calm Down When they are Upset

“Why is Bobby not listening to me? I’m just trying to help!”

I was asked this question by a parent I was working with. When her three-year-old son Bobby became frustrated, he would cry, scream and run away. This mom wanted to find out how to help him calm down without getting angry. She couldn’t understand why problems that have such “logical solutions”, could make her three-year-old so angry!

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