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20 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

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Ah!! It’s finally summer! Summer is such an exciting and fun time. I’m excited for the hot weather to be back, even if it’s hotter than hot out! I’m excited for the swimming parties and BBQ’s, but I’m most excited to share this time with my little man. Summer loses some of its appeal as you get older. We used to look forward to summer break, no school, sleeping in, playing outside all day. Now that we’re older we don’t have those luxuries. Youth really is wasted on the young ;-). But through my little man, I’ll be able to relive all that summer fun. This is his first summer that he’ll really be able to have some fun. He’s only a year old, and he’s just recently discovered the fun of water and splashing in little pools. So while he won’t be able to participate in all these activities, there’s still lots of fun activities on this list that he’ll be able to do. Check out the list below for some fun summer activities for kids. Maybe put them in a bowl or “bored jar” and then on a day you don’t know what to do, pull something out and do that! Or print out the “summer bucket list” from our VIP library by signing up for our email list!

Summer Activities for Kids

  1. Bubbles
  2. Water balloon fight
  3. DIY Poppers
4th of July DIY Confetti Poppers
  1. DIY Slip and Slide
  1. Make s’mores
  2. Campfire/Camping in the Backyard
  3. Build a Race Track
  1. Go to the beach/lake/river – go explore the tide pools or river bed and see the different animals you can spot
  2. Play with Chalk – make hop scotch, have a drawing contest, draw your name
  3. Paint War
  1. Plant a Garden or Plant Flowers
  2. Go for a hike
  3. Squirt Gun Races or Squirt Gun Painting, really any Squirt Gun Fight
  1. Play catch
  2. Eat Ice Cream/Popsicles – Make your own!
  3. Board games are always fun! Make is extra fun with these giant versions: like yard yahtzee, jenga, etc.
  1. Bike Races
  2. DIY Tic Tac Toe
  1. Go Swimming
  2. Run through the Sprinklers

Get this cute “summer bucket list” from our VIP library by signing up for our email list!

Hope you are able to get outside a lot this summer and that you enjoy this bucket list! What will you be doing this summer?

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