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Tips for Organizing a Child’s Playroom

With a child around, it can sometimes seem that cleanliness and organization isn’t a possible goal. The truth is, though, that with a few simple tips, organizing a child’s playroom is easy. You can transform your child’s playroom from a messy frustration into an area that you and your child are happy with.

Tips for Organizing a Child’s Playroom

Use Baskets or Bins

First things first, you should get bins and basket to organize toys. These work much better than the traditional toy box because it offers a more practical and organized approach. After all, it doesn’t really work to throw all types of toys in a single box and expect organization.

For an extra level of consciousness, you can even add labels to the bins you use. This will make it easier next time you or your child goes looking for a specific toy or gadget it can be found right away and at the end of the day, there is a place for everything.

Make Shelves at a Kid-Friendly Height

Shelving is a great option for organizing a child’s playroom. You can use them for storing books or even extra toys. However, if the shelving is too high, it won’t work for a children’s playroom.

For one, they will need help every time they want to get something down. Secondly, once they have the item they want, they won’t be able to put it back on their own.

This makes keeping things neat a challenge if your child can’t put things away on their own.

Make a Space for Art

If there is one thing that many children love, it’s the chance to draw and create art based on the world around them. Almost every parent has enough artwork from their young children to start a gallery.

So, a great idea for any playroom is to make a dedicated space to do this – a child’s desk usually does the trick. Here, you can use drawers and bins to keep all their art supplies organized and easy to find.

Once your child’s artwork is done, you can always use it to decorate the playroom by taping it to the walls or framing it and hanging it on the wall.

Storage for Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals can be particularly unruly if you don’t have a system for keeping them in place. There are a couple ideas that you can use here and many of them require minimal effort.

A common idea is to use a net to hold the animals. These typically sit elevated in a corner and provide an easy place to store stuffed animals. You can also place stuffed animals on shelves alternatively. For both of these options, though, remember to keep them within your child’s reach.

There are also more creative options that you can use to store animals. For example, why not use an over-the-door shoe hanger to store small stuffed animals? If you’re feeling creative, you could even build a wooden pen or “zoo” for stuffed animals to stay in.

Use Furniture That Doubles as Storage

Playrooms are typically an area of your home that need a lot of storage. While the storage bins that we talked about earlier can help with organizing a child’s playroom, sometimes you need a little extra storage. One solution to this is to invest in furniture that can double for storage as well.

There are some obvious options here. A desk, for instance, can be used to write on or do crafts at while the drawers can be used for storage. There are more creative solutions to this problem as well, though. An ottoman can be used as seating as well as storage, to name one.

Organize Puzzles with Zipper Bags

A rather frustrating moment for anyone is when you have worked hard to complete a puzzle only to see that the final piece is missing. A great way to prevent this is to organize your child’s puzzles in zippered bags such as pencil pouches. This way, you and your children don’t have to worry about pieces falling out of the original, fragile cardboard boxes that puzzles come in.

About the author: Annabelle Carter Short is a freelance writer, blogger and seamstress of more than 5 years. When not working, she’s spending time with her family and friends or putting pen to paper for her own personal pursuits. Annabelle is a mother and she loves making crafts with her two children, Leo (age 9) and Michelle (age 11).

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