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Kid-Friendly Closet Organization

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I like my kids to be able to do things for themselves. My kids have always hated when I pick out their clothes. They like to do it themselves. So I created some kid-friendly closet organization.

pin image: rainbow wall in a closet with a low rod and kids clothes hanging. text says 'kid-friendly closet organization easy diy'

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase items through my links I may earn a commission. You can find our full policy here. Thank you.

It used to be such a fight in the mornings. They’d point to a shirt, I’d pull it out, they’d decide they didn’t actually want that one and then we’d do this several times until they finally picked one they liked.

I hated this. It made me frustrated and it made them frustrated. I wanted them to be able to pick out their own clothes by themselves.

woman holding paint daubers sitting in front of pink multi polka-dotted wall in closet

We try really hard to create a house in which the kids have access to the things they need. I put plates and cups on lower shelves so they can get them. I put up bookshelves so the kids could easily see and put away their own books.

Having these things in place give my kids independence and makes sure that I’m not constantly being called away from tasks to help with minor things. Why should their closet be any different?

rainbow painted inside a closet

Installing Closet Rods for Kid-Friendly Closet Organization

Closet rods are relatively cheap and super easy to install. We took a trip to Home Depot and bought rods for each of our kids closets.

We’ve done this at multiple houses now, we’ve used brackets and a wood rod and also a metal rod. There’s many different styles and you can choose what works best for you.

rainbow wall in a closet with a low rod and kids clothes hanging

This is even a renter friendly project! Closet rods are installed with just a few screws and they can easily be patched when you move. The rod can come with you to the new house!

To install the rod, have your child stand in the closet and see what is the easiest height for them to reach. Remember, we want them to be able to easily take the hangers off the rod and put them back on.

This means they’ll be able to get their own clothes in the mornings and help to put their clothes away on wash days!

pink multi-polkadotted closet with a low rod hanging holding kids clothes

Then just hang the rod. Be sure to not hang the rod too close to the wall. I like to put a hanger or two on the rod to make sure the spacing is correct.

You should have no problem finding a stud, otherwise use an anchor and make sure the rod is level.

That’s it!

How will this kid-friendly closet organization help me?

This is such an easy project that gives your child so much confidence and independence! They will be able to pick out their own clothes and have a consistent choice in their day. I feel it really helps my kids take responsibility over their mornings.

What age child is this good for?

Honestly, as soon as they can get dressed by themselves. Or maybe even as soon as they start picking out their own clothes. My daughter was very opinionated about what she wanted to wear at 18 months. My son was as well.

I moved my sons rod down when he was 3 and my daughters when she was about the same age. But that was partly because of their closets and where we were living. I think I could have done it earlier.

Is this really rental friendly?

Absolutely! Most rentals allow you to hang things up. That’s all you’re doing, just in the closet. I recommend buying a new rod and not trying to change the existing one.

We’ve done this is rentals and places we’ve owned no problem. Just make sure you’re not putting anything too heavy on the rod or too many clothes and it should be fine.

Will my child still need my help?

That’s totally dependent on your child. I’m still available to help my kids get dressed if they need me. Or to hang clothes or help them get things off hangers. But this has totally eliminated the fight for what they want to wear in the morning.

kids clothes hanging on a lower rod in a closet. The normal height rod above it.