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Kid-Friendly Kitchen Organization

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Have you ever thought about the world from your kids point of view? Once I started having kids, I realized how often they asked me for things that would be really easy for them to get themselves if they had access to those things. So I made some kid-friendly kitchen organization.

pin image: text says 'kid-friendly kitchen organization' cups, plates, and lids in clear bins

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Whether it was books on higher shelves, or books they just couldn’t find, clothes in their closet that were just too high for them, or snacks, cups and plates they just couldn’t reach.

I realized very quickly that my kids wanted independence and they didn’t like constantly asking me as much as I didn’t like constantly being interrupted. So I started to move things around in our house to make it easier for them to access things.

One of those areas was in the kitchen. I thought of the things they needed access to most frequently: cups, plates, and easy snacks.

Kitchen Organization for Kids

I made specific areas in our pantry or cupboards that were low to the ground to put these item. Cups, plates, snacks, and towels all where the kids could reach them. I use cheap baskets from the Dollar Tree to organize these items.

I realize it may not be the prettiest, but it’s functional. Everything has a place and the kids can access everything. It also wasn’t overly expensive to pull off.

2 shelves of snacks that are easy for kids to get themselves

This allowed my kids to easily get cups for themselves so they could get water. Sure there were a few teaching moments about not getting 30 cups a day. But they learned and are now able to get cups with water and plates with snacks for themselves.

clear bins holding cups, lids, and plates

Having towels accessible to them was important too. They have responsibility to clean up small messes. Again, of course I help. They still need snacks from the fridge or help cleaning up messes. But this allows them the independence to try on their own before asking for help.

upclose of 2 orange baskets holding towels

The kids love being able to access things on their own and I love seeing how independent they are!

Bottom two shelves of my pantry. Bottom shelf has towels, cups, plates, and snacks for the kids.