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DIY Christmas Gnome Treat Jar

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These DIY Christmas gnome treat jars are perfect for gifting treats this holiday season.

three pictures. Top is gnome jars lit up, middle is gnome jar with lid lifted. Bottom is gnome jar sitting next to a small disco ball.

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Have you seen these Christmas gnomes everywhere this season? Seriously, I have seen them all over the place! They are adorable.

I wanted to make some Christmas gnomes and somehow came up with 5 different gnome ideas. Sometimes this is the problem with being creative.

I can’t stop coming up with ideas and I can’t decide on just one to execute. So I end up making all of them!

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How To Make Christmas Gnome Treat Jar

This DIY Christmas gnome treat jar is adorable, functional and easy to make. I wanted to make some holiday decor that was functional and could make a fun gift.

Close up of gnomes. A light is inside the jar. Left one has a white hat and right one has a red hat.

Whenever possible, I try to use supplies I already have and reuse things around my house. So if you don’t have this exact jar, use a different jar!

What You Need:

Here are the supplies that you will need:

Tools Needed:

  • Fabric Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

Supplies Needed:

DIY Christmas Gnome Treat Jar Tips

Don’t Buy Faux Fur by the Yard

Instead of buying faux fur by the yard, look at inexpensive faux fur ornaments. Faux fur seems to be really big this year. Walmart had lots of faux fur ornaments and stockings.

back of faux fur beard sitting next to a split wood ball

Instead of buying expensive fur by the yard, instead buy ornaments or stockings and take them apart. I had plenty of faux fur to make these two Christmas gnome treat jars and plenty left over for other small projects.

Or Make Yarn Beards

If faux fur is too expensive, yarn also works well for beards! Just comb out the beards using a small fine tooth comb to give it the puffy look.

Do I have to use Oui Jars?

Absolutely not! Although, they have fantastic yogurt. We like the regular and the dairy free yogurt, so we always have jars at our house.

empty oui jar with a clear lid

They also sell reusable plastic lids on their website. So since we eat the yogurt so frequently, I’m always looking for ways to DIY with these specific jars.

But, any jar will work. Find a jar around the house that can be used, or buy something specific. Any jar is fine.

2 triangles cut from red and green fabric

Just make sure to cut the triangles for the hat large enough that they will fit around the jar lid.

clear lid inside of the hat

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Yield: 2

DIY Christmas Gnome Treat Jar

DIY Christmas Gnome Treat Jar

Give gifts this holiday season in this cute DIY Christmas gnome treat jar!

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  1. Cut two triangles the same size and then glue the triangles right sides together.
  2. Once dry, turn the fabric right side out.
  3. Place the lid inside the hat and use hot glue to glue into place.
  4. Put the lid hat on the jar to see where it sits.
  5. Cut a beard shape out of the faux fur. Make sure to fluff the fur up so that it keeps the beard long.
  6. Glue the beard right near where the hat ends.
  7. Then glue the split wood ball over the beard, so that the hat goes halfway over the nose.
  8. Optional: decorate the hat with fake tree branches, berries, felt ornaments, or gems.
2 pictures. Top is gnome next to a small disco ball. Bottom is 2 gnomes with light inside jar.

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