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We Bought a House!

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Yes, it’s true! We bought a house.

That feels totally surreal to say. John and I have been married for almost 10 years and this is something that we talked about for almost all of those years.

It’s so weird that 2020 would be the year that would give us an opportunity to buy a house. This will be our 8th move in 10 years of marriage. So we are expert movers at this point.

Honestly, I hate moving. I’m really dreading actually moving, but I’m so excited to be in our new house. There will be a full tour soon and tons of projects to come.

I just thought that I would give you a few photos and announce that we’ve bought a home! That’s part of the reason the end of last year was so crazy.

The market is booming right now and house prices in our area just keep going up and up and up. We almost opened escrow multiple times only to have it fall out due to tenants or sellers or some combination there of.

We started looking in July 2020 and by October were looking at houses weekly, sometimes more. It was a long and arduous process that was completely draining.

But we kept faith and continued to pursue. We actually put in an offer on this house before we even saw it because we didn’t want to lose it.

Thankfully the offer was accepted and when we saw the house we absolutely loved it. There are some things that we would like to fix over time, but that’s a given in most houses!

The things I love most about the house, are the kitchen and the backyard. The kitchen I feel is timeless and will be perfect for our family.

The backyard it gorgeous and has so much space for the kids to run around. We love the trees and the kind of foresty feel.

Anyways, we’re in full packing mode now and will be moving in a few weeks! Can’t wait to share with you the many projects to come!

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