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Open When Letter Ideas for Men

Ever since posting the Open When Letters I sent my sister I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about what to do for Open When Letters for husbands and boyfriends. Since this seems to be a common need among my readers, I thought I’d ask my husband for some help and give you some of our ideas. Below you will find the best Open When Letter Ideas for men.

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Open When Letter Ideas for Men-amylanham.comOpen When Letter Ideas for Men

My best advice when making Open When Letters for anyone is to think of things they like. My husband likes trying new hot sauces, video games, sports, and beer. So, my Open When Letters for him are centered around those things.

When creating Open When Letter ideas for men, my best advice is to first think about your man and make a list of all the things he likes.

Here are some more ideas for Open When Letters for Men:

You need a new game

Gift card to his favorite gaming store: Game Stop, Target, iTunes, etc.

Open When You Need a New Game

On x date

You can get tickets to his favorite concert or sporting event.

You need a night out

Straight cash is perfect for this. You could also do a gift card to a favorite restaurant or to StubHub.

Open When You Need a Night Out

You feel like spoiling yourself

Gift card to favorite store, beard oil, massage, manicure/pedicure,

You need a night out with the boys

Permission to go out, cash, gift card to StubHub for tickets.

Your feeling down or when you’re feeling spicy or when you’re feeling sexy

Hot sauces to remind him how hot you are for him.

You’re feeling old

Have fun with this one! Remind him how old he is, could be things that happen during his birth year, a gift card with the amount of how old he is, aged wine, or cheese (cheese would be hard to keep for some time though).

You need a drink

Gift card to his favorite place to get beer, list of breweries to try in the area or wine shops.

You just can’t get up in the morning

Gift card to Starbucks, Energy drink.

You forgot to pack your lunch

Gift card to favorite restaurant or cash.

Open When You forgot to pack your lunch

Open When you miss the family

This works well if your husband travels for work, pictures of the family, you, the kids.

The kids annoy you

This sounds harsh, but let’s be real, we are all annoyed by our kids sometimes! Give him some Sour Patch Kids because they are literal sour patch kids and will be sweet and lovable again shortly.

Open When the Kids Annoy You

Your boss/coworkers drive you crazy/are being jerks

Bag of nuts or beef jerky.

You lose that bet you don’t want me to know about

$20 bill (husband suggestion, I have no idea what he’s talking about!)

You lose your fantasy league


You run out of money on draft kings or fan duel

Money (can you tell my husbands most recent ‘hobby’)

I tell you to plan a date

A list of date ideas.

We can’t remember the name of that place

Watchamacallit bar

You feel like you have no friends

This will only work if he’s a fan of the movie “Half Baked”. Put an Abba-Zaba bar with a sticky note that says ‘you’re my only friend’ (One of the characters says ‘Abba-Zaba, you’re my only friend’)

I go out and you don’t know what to do with the kids

Gift card to movies or the nearest ice cream shop

I hope you enjoy these Open When Letter Ideas for men! I’d love to hear if you make these or any other ideas you may have in the comments below. If you need even more ideas, you should check out the Open When Letters I sent my sister, or Open When Letters for your best friend, or for your kids.

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