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White Elephant Gift Printables

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Every Christmas we do white elephant gifts. Sometimes it can be a little boring. We have a relatively small group of people.

White elephant gift printable labeled seven is a lucky number is you're a swan-Trade your gift with the person whose left side you're on. Free in VIP library at

There’s only usually 10-20 of us. Over the years we’ve tried white elephant, themed gifts, secret Santa, pretty much everything.

This past year we decided to do a gift card exchange. We picked a dollar amount and told everyone to bring a gift card in that dollar amount.

It seemed like a fun idea that would keep us from getting more crap that we didn’t really want. Which is usually the problem with white elephant gifts.

White Elephant Gift Printables

I handed out plane brown paper bags when everyone arrived and asked them to put their gift cards in and hand the bag back to me. This way no one would know whose gift was whose.

I stapled the bags and then had everyone choose a bag. I used these printables and had everyone pull a card one by one. Some of the cards have only you trade your gift, some have everyone trade their gifts.

The printables are based off of the 12 days of Christmas, so there are only 12 cards. You could print out multiples of the set though if you wanted the game to last longer.

It definitely got people talking and passing the gifts around. We had people unwrap their gift cards about half way through the game and then continue reading the cards.

Once all the cards are gone, you keep the gift you have in your hand! This game can be played with wrapped gifts, unwrapped gifts, gift cards, or the traditional white elephant gifts.

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If you use these or other printables I’d love to see pictures! You can shoot me an email or tag me on Instagram.