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My Spoiled Pup

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Black dog with whale dog toy

If you have been following me on social media, or read my blog at all, you have probably seen my spoiled pup, Sydney Fyfe. She is basically like my husband and my child; we spoil her rotten. She has had some health issues and so we can’t give her all the treats that she would want. So instead of treats, we normally buy her toys. She has more toys than any dog should have. Not only does she have about 20-30 toys at our house (not an exaggeration at all), she also has about 15 at my parents house, because we take her over there frequently.

Whenever we go to the store to buy her a new toy, she knows as soon as we come in the house that in one of those bags is a toy. She never rummages through our bags when we go shopping, unless we have just bought a toy. I can’t figure out how she knows! As soon as we walk in, she goes crazy, sniffing at the bag with the toy in it and trying to get in the bag. We normally end up putting the bag on the kitchen table and then she’s alright with just getting pets until we decide to give her the toy.

Toy bin with dog toys in it
Her toy bin that is completely overflowing with toys

Once we give her a new toy, she becomes obsessed with it. She will play with her other toys, grab them and bring them all to me, but she will constantly go back to the new toy and keep playing with it. She is normally quite the destroyer and always finds a way to break the squeakers and once that happens she will then rip a hole in the toy and take all the stuffing out, or rather whip it all around the house. We’ve found that by keeping plenty of toys in the house though that she doesn’t destroy them so quickly. So she is a spoiled pup for a reason. She has had the lamb chop toy (above) since Christmas now, and a few others that long as well.

Black dog with whale dog toy in mouth playing with owner
This is one of her newest toys, so it was one of the only ones she wanted to play with today. It’s also super squeaky and she loves that.

Funny spoiled pup story: A couple weeks ago when we were at my moms house my mom had just bought her three new toys. She has a toy bin at my moms house similar to the one we have at ours and she knows its filled with her toys. Well my mom put the three new toys in there before we got there and didn’t show them to Sydney. When we go over to my moms, the first thing she does is jump in the pool. So on this particular day, we played ball with her and she swam and swam until she was so tired. We dried her off and let her come inside. She slept for a little bit, then went to her toy bin to get some toys. She grabbed one of the new toys and brought it over to my husbands feet. She continued to, one by one, get her other two new toys, and bring them to my husbands feet. She chewed and squeaked each one for a few minutes, and then passed out in the middle of them. It was super adorable! I couldn’t believe that with all the toys in the bin, that she found the three new ones and only took those ones out. Sometimes dogs can be pretty amazing.

Black dog looking at camera with whale dog toy
Isn’t she just the cutest?! I can’t get enough of her.

She’s seriously like my little baby and I take way to many pictures of her. Maybe one time I’ll tell you all the story of how we got her, along with more adorable pictures. Hope you enjoyed this post and I’m thinking of writing about the crazy things she does and just about her on a monthly basis, since she’s such a huge part of our lives. Do you have a spoiled pup of your own? Or another animal that you spoil rotten? Love to hear about them in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Black dog playing with whale dog toy
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Great pictures and story!! She is one lucky dog.