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7 Photo Gift Ideas for Dad- Father’s Day 2015

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching! Do you know what you are getting your dad? I always find it infinitely harder to shop for my dad than it is to shop for my mom. I think guys are just harder to shop for in general. Maybe its because I’m a girl and just don’t totally get all the things boys like. Or maybe my dad is just hard to shop for. My dad doesn’t like a lot of frills, and I could never buy him tools because he has too many to begin with. So I usually try to keep it simple with him, and what’s simpler than gifting your dad something that has pictures of his favorite people!

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1. Photo Book

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a photo book. I know I put it in the 7 Photo Gift Ideas for Mom as well, but that’s just because I think photo books are truly the perfect gift! What dad wouldn’t love pictures of his children or grandchildren in portable book format for Father’s Day! Did you recently take a family trip? Why not make him a book so he can see all the fun stuff you did! Do your parents live far and haven’t seen you or your family in a while? Make a book showing everything you’ve done this year and mail it to him! I think either way its a gift your dad will totally love.

2. Coasters

This is a really simple gift idea and really cute! I saw this tutorial on how to make your own coasters. Dad would love these! They are super cute and don’t take up a lot of room. It’s the perfect way to add pictures to your house in unexpected ways!

3. Mug

What dad doesn’t love coffee?! Mine drinks coffee all day and all night. So this is the perfect fathers day gift. You can buy the mug from Shutterfly and get your favorite pictures printed right on it. You can also get him a travel mug, you can DIY this option too. Places like Starbucks sell mugs that have inserts where you can put your own pictures.

Shutterfly coffee thermos with pictures on it for father's day gift idea
Shutterfly coffee thermos with pictures on it for father's day gift idea

4. Keychain

My dad travels a lot, so this is a way for him to always take his family with him. It’s a super easy DIY too and they are so cute. Even if your dad doesn’t travel, this is an easy gift that doesn’t bulk up the keychain a whole bunch. Also, you could easily give this gift every year so that he will always have recent pictures. They are super quick to make. I just sized my pictures and printed them. I put the holes where I wanted them to be and then put Dimensional Magic onto each picture. After they were dry, I cut some thick paper to the correct size and glued my pictures to it. I found it easier to put the Dimensional Magic on before the pictures were glued together, but you can definitely do it either way. There’s a great tutorial for this here.

Travel KeyChain with couples picture on it for father's day gift idea
Travel keychain with couples picture on it for father's day gift idea

5. Watch Case

I bought this watch case from Amazon and then just inserted photos into the front so that they showed through the glass. I also cut some scrapbook paper to fit over the back so that it would look nice when open, and you wouldn’t just see the backs of pictures. You could also put a new watch in the case to give him!

Gift Ideas for Father's Day 
watch case from amazon with pictures in the window
watch case from amazon with pictures for father's day gift idea

6. Ipad Case

My dad loves his iPad. He takes it everywhere with him. Since a lot of people have these now, having a special case is a good way to differentiate so he always knows which one is his! You can make custom iPad cases through a lot of sites, but Shutterfly is my favorite.

Ipad Case with pictures of family on it

7. Card

Sometimes just a nice card is all your dad needs. Something that says how much you love and appreciate him. I think sometimes dads don’t get told this enough! I really appreciate all my dad does for our family, and a special handwritten sentiment would mean a lot to him. Throw in a picture of you, or take some pictures holding up sings that say “I love you” or something similar and make it the front of the card.
So there you have it! 7 photo gift ideas for your dad for Father’s Day! What are you getting your dad this year? Or what was on of your favorite gifts from years past? Feel free to comment below!

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