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Last Minute Family Costumes

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Does Halloween ever sneak up on you? I plan for it all year long, but somehow the day still sneaks up on me. I find myself always looking for last minute family costumes.

Last Minute Family Halloween Costumes pin - family in matching tennessee titans shirts

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I love family costumes. It makes it easy for the whole family to dress up together and they are always so cute.

I wanted to come up with some costumes that would be super low cost. Things that you probably already have in your closet and could throw together in a jiffy.

Last Minute Family Costumes

Fan Costume

You probably have a favorite sports team in your house. Most people do. Whether you follow football, baseball, soccer, basketball, etc. there’s probably a team you have an affinity for.

For my husband, that team is the Tennessee Titans and the Anaheim Angels. Our whole family has a ridiculous amount of stuff for both teams.

Although, we have significantly more for the Titans. For whatever reason, we’ve been gifted lots of Titans things over the years.

Family standing with their backs to the camera. Dad and two kids are in Mariota 8 shirts, mom is in a white shirt. Kids are on top of parents shoulders.

My parents went to Tennessee earlier this year and brought us all home shirts. John has received scarves for Christmas and Bugs has received helmets and pants.

So we gathered up everything Tennessee Titans we had and made a costume! We literally had to buy nothing. Add in a little eye black, an eyeliner pencil is perfect for this!

family in matching tennessee titans shirts


This costume is similar to the above costume. Most people, I would think, have touristy items in their closet. You can use shirts from a certain city, amusement park, or superhero characters.

Throw on a backpack, fanny pack, bring a selfie stick or a camera. Anything that you would think is touristy.

Family dressed as Disney Tourists. Mom in Belle shirt with Minnie ears, mom holding little girl with Minnie sunglasses, dad in Mickey shirt holding little boy on his head with Mickey sunglasses

We chose Disney, because we all had Disney stuff. I’m mildly obsessed and can’t wait til the kids get older to take them.

I had ears from when I’ve been to the parks. You have to wear ears if you’re going to a Disney park! Then I bought some cute sunglasses for the kids at Walmart.

Family dressed as Disney Tourists. Mom in Belle shirt with Minnie ears and gold fanny pack, mom holding little girl with Minnie sunglasses, dad in Mickey shirt, little boy with Mickey sunglasses in a Mickey shirt

Party Animals

How often do you wear party clothes? For us, it’s almost never. Unless we have a wedding to go to or maybe a date night.

But pretty much we never get dressed up! Yet, we have a lot of nice party clothes. Even the kids have party clothes!

Family dressed nicely with animal masks on

This costume uses those party clothes, is super cute, and super easy! All you need are some animal masks. And of course, I’ve made some free printables for you.

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Such an easy budget-friendly costume! You don’t have to buy anything at all for this costume. I mean unless you need new party shoes! *wink wink*

Woman in a dress wearing a owl mask aiming a confetti popper at camera with a party hat on standing next to a little dressed nicely wearing a chicken mask

Family costumes are so fun! I hope you find the perfect costume for your family this Halloween.