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How to Find Furniture on Facebook Marketplace

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Is anyone using Facebook Marketplace for furniture anymore? Well you should be! There is some really great furniture on Facebook Marketplace.

How to find furniture on facebook marketplace

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for furniture on Facebook Marketplace and I have some tips to help you below.

I find lots of great furniture online and Facebook has really helped. But it can be a pain to look through all the listings and find good furniture on Facebook Marketplace.

How to Find Furniture on Facebook Marketplace

Set Your Radius

This is the first thing you want to do to find furniture on Facebook Marketplace. Use your zip code and set a radius you feel comfortable driving for furniture.

Table with chairs

You can change it to whatever radius you want from where ever you want. Just drag the little marker to any place and set your radius.

I like to go through and set different radius depending on where I will be for the day.

Check Every Day for Furniture on Facebook Marketplace

Every single day. Multiple times a day if possible – people are always listing new things.

table with black legs and white chairs

There’s not one good time to look. Looking multiple times a day will make sure you’re seeing the most of what’s out there.

Don’t Hesitate

If you find something you like, show interest! Things go quickly, don’t hesitate on something you like.

tv stand under tv

You can always ask for dimensions or more information.

Bonus: don’t just ask if it’s available!

Some people won’t answer. Ask a specific question or see when you can pick it up.

tv stand painted green in an entryway

If you’ve ever listed anything on Facebook Marketplace you know how annoying all the ‘Is this available?’ messages become. And most people just ghost after you answer.

Instead, ask a specific question. When can I pick up? What are your cross streets? Clarify dimensions. Be bold and proactive if you really want the piece.

Use the Search Function Often

The more you search for what you want, the better the algorithm gets at predicting what you might like and serves better results on the main feed. So search frequently for what you are looking for.

small nightstand in an orange wood color

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t do well with specific searches. So don’t search for ‘Blue Mid Century Modern Hutch’. It’s going to pick one word and serve that.

Instead keep search terms broad and try to think of anything that could be called. Hutch – buffet, cabinet, sideboard, credenza, tv stand.

small nightstand painted terra cotta

Searching multiple times for the same type of item using different words will get you different results. Not everyone calls it the same thing.

Search by Price

You can search ‘free’ or ‘under $30’ for the best deals. The under $30 doesn’t work as well, it’ll pick up 30 anywhere in the listing, but will still narrow it down for you.

person apply stain remover to the side of a tv stand

Join local Buy Nothing groups

While not technically Facebook Marketplace, they are on Facebook. There’s lots of groups that are buy nothing or strictly trade, search them out in your city. People post great stuff for free all the time! Bonus you can post things for free you want to get rid of too.

Avoiding Scams!

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

tv stand sanded down sitting under a tv

You can also click on the name of the person to see other items they have listed on Facebook Marketplace. If they have items listed in multiple cities, especially cities in multiple states, it’s probably a scam.

Anyone asking for your phone number or a 6 digit code, it’s a scam. If anyone asks for you to Zelle them to hold, it might be a scam.

There are lots of people scamming. So be sure to be aware of the things that might be scams.

Also, it’s always a good idea to meet in a neutral area for smaller items and if you have to go so someone’s house bring another person along for safety.

I hope these tips help and that you are able to find some great furniture on Facebook Marketplace!

How to find furniture on facebook marketplace