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DIY Garden Stakes

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These DIY garden stakes are sustainable and made from recycled materials. They are perfect for labeling the plants in your garden!

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Do you ever plant seeds in your garden and then forget what you planted where? I do that all the time! I can never remember what I planted where.

At first, I thought I would remember where I planted what. But I have no idea why I thought that. We plant so many things and I really need some labels to remember what is where!

Beer bottle upside down in the garden that has snap peas written on it

But I couldn’t decide how I should label my plants. I’ve been looking for a sustainable option that wouldn’t require me to spend a lot of money.

Most of the things I have seen are made of wood. But, I didn’t want to use wood because I didn’t want it to warp as it soaked up moisture from the soil.

Beer bottle stakes in the garden

I thought about using rocks, because we have so many rocks in our backyard and it would be fun to paint them with the kids. That didn’t work because I really wanted something that would stick up out of the ground, so that it would be easy to find once the plants start coming in.

So finally, I decided on using beer bottles. I didn’t have to buy anything to create this, the glass wouldn’t soak up water, and it kept some bottles out of the landfill!

DIY Garden Stakes

This is the easiest DIY. First, drink some beer. Haha no seriously. We need the empty beer bottles.

I then put the bottles through the dishwasher to make sure they were good and clean. The dishwasher did nothing to remove the labels though.

Removing the labels is really the hardest part of this whole DIY. Soak all the bottles in warm soapy water.

Beer bottles being put in a pot of soapy water

I put them on the stove and warmed up the water a little bit. Just make sure it doesn’t boil too long. Let it cool then take the bottles out.

Beer bottle with the labels removed

I peeled the labels off. Then took a steel scrubby and some soap and scrubbed them off. I spent about two minutes cleaning off each bottle.

Beer bottle markers in the garden

Dry the bottles really well and then label them. I used the Colorshot premium paint marker to label the bottles.

Colorshot markers with beer bottles in the background

These markers worked perfectly! They were easy to clean off if I made a mistake and were very smooth to write with.

Close up of the beer bottle stake that says snow peas on it with vines in the background

They look great in the garden and are such a simple DIY that I can easily make them for all the different varieties of veggies I plant and can keep them from year to year so I actually remember what I planted!