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Weekly Toddler Schedule Printable

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Do you have a toddler that has a varied schedule? Then this weekly toddler schedule printable will be perfect for them!

Weekly Toddler Schedule printable in VIP library at

Bugs goes to school two days a week, and he is always getting confused on what day it is. Last week I had this bright idea to make a weekly schedule for him so that he would know what day it was.

It was pretty easy to make and so far he loves it. He doesn’t quite understand to only move it one day at a time yet, but overall it has been so helpful.

I actually got this idea from @busytoddler on Instagram. She has so many wonderful toddler play ideas, and she mentioned in a story that she had something similar for her son just written down on some paper.

But you know me, it has to be ‘pretty,’ so I headed to Photoshop and this is what I came up with.

Weekly Toddler Schedule Printable

I used a school house to show the two days a week he goes to school. The stars denote the days that John and I are both home with him.

I taped it with blue tape to the fridge and taped ‘today’ to a small magnetic letter. He moved the ‘today’ to whatever day it is first thing in the morning.

This allows him to have a little bit of understanding of what we’re going to do today. It also it gives us a talking point about days of the week. I’ve also found it’s a good way to talk to him about things happening later in the week.

For instance, if someone is coming into town, or going back home, we can say they are leaving/coming on Friday which is the blue day and then count to that day.

Overall, it has been really helpful to our family in the week that we’ve had it! And I hope that it is helpful to your family too.

Weekly Toddler Schedule Printable with a toddler moving the day to Wednesday

This printable is super simple, you get all the days of the week, ‘today’, and then there are 5 school houses and 7 stars. That way you can customize this to your child’s needs!

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