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Heart Wall Art

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I don’t have any of my kids art work on the walls. Truth be told they don’t make a lot of artwork, but we recently created some art together. I really wanted to hang it on my gallery wall, so I created this heart wall art.

DIY Heart Art, How to display kids art

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Kids create a lot of art work and it’s not always the most beautiful. But we still want to keep it and proudly display it.

I had a sign that I wanted the kids to paint for Valentine’s day and so I covered the table with some paper to protect it before putting down the sign.

DIY Heart Wall Art kids painting kids painting

Since it was Valentine’s day, I chose pink, red, and white for the colors. We also had some stampers, and so I put those out as well.

Once the sign was painted, I let the kids continue to paint on the paper I had put down. Bugs loved the stampers and would stamp them really hard to make them splatter, then would mix all the paints together.

How to preserve kids art. kids painting the word love

Little Miss was having fun just painting and exploring the paints with her fingers. It was such a fun time. I made hearts and smily faces on the paper that they would then paint over.

My kids were so happy with this piece that they created. They had so much fun painting and I knew I wanted to transform it into something I wanted to keep in the house.

Kids painting, how to display kids art, diy heart art. kids painting

Heart Wall Art

So when we were all done, I knew I wanted to preserve this artwork, and some of the memories. I decided to cut hearts out of the paper. Some of the hearts I used for a Valentine’s gift, and the rest I used for this heart wall art.

I had a frame laying around that was 8×10 and I thought that was the perfect size for this project. The plan was to have a wooden background. So I headed to the garage.

DIY heart art framed on wall

We had the perfect piece of 1/4 inch scrap wood. It was just a little bigger than what I needed and it was too light.

I didn’t have any stain on hand, so I used Annie Sloan clear and dark wax to create a stain and put that over the wood. John cut the wood down to 8×10 for me.

picture wall with heart art on it

Then I taped the hearts on in a way that I thought looked good. Popped it all in the frame and then hung it on the wall! I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Yield: 1

Heart Wall Art

Heart Wall Art

How to make beautiful heart wall art using your kids art!

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $0


  • Kids Art
  • Wood or paper for back
  • Picture Frame
  • Stain/Wax (optional)



  1. Cut your child's art into multiple hearts. You can cut them all the same size or a couple different sizes.
  2. Cut your wood piece or paper to fit into your frame. I used an 8x10 frame and cut my wood accordingly.
  3. (optional) Stain your wood piece.
  4. Arrange the hearts in any way you like. I had the hearts look like they were floating up and to the right.
  5. Tape or glue your hearts to the wood.
  6. Assemble your picture frame.
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