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DIY Spell Book

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What’s your favorite Halloween movie? Mine is, of course, Hocus Pocus. And what does every good witch need? A DIY spell book of course!

DIY Spell Books - perfect decor for Halloween with two pictures on the side of the two spell books.

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For Halloween this year, I wanted to make some DIY spell books to go on my mantel. They would go perfectly next to the poison bottles I made and other mantel art!

DIY Spell book next to some DIY poison bottles

DIY Spell Books

The first things I did was go through my book collection and look for books I wouldn’t mind ruining. Thankfully I found a couple. Otherwise, a thrift store would be perfect for this part!

I painted the covers of the books black and then went about aging the pages. First, I tried fire, did not work. Then, I tried paint, it worked ok.

Painting the yellow cover a book black

Finally, I tried tea. This worked perfectly! It gave the aged look I was looking for, but it did take forever to dry!

A books pages sitting in tea

Once the pages were dry, I crinkled the pages, then flattened them out so they would look old and worn. For one book, I took my hot glue gun and created a big spider web, spider, and the words spell book.

Cover of the book with Spell Book and a spider and web in hot glue

Once the glue was dry, I went over the glue with gold paint so that it would pop on the book. Then I aged the book with the gold paint as well.

Cover of the book with Spell Book and a spider and web in hot glue covered with gold paint

For the second book, I covered it in cheese cloth. I covered the book in mod podge, placed the cheese cloth down, and then covered the whole thing with mod podge again.

Cheese cloth covering a hand over a book

I also painted the edges of the pages of the book with cheese cloth with gold.

Gold paint sitting on top of an open book with the edges of the pages painted gold

They both came out so good and I love the way they look on my mantel. The perfect spooky touch!

A book fanned out with edges of pages painted gold.

My theme for my mantel this year is spooky decor with things I already have at home. I made these poison bottles, bat art, spell books, pumpkin jars, and a music book.

A cheese cloth covered book with a fake crow sitting on top, next to pumpkin jar with a skull on top