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Spooky Mantel Decor

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Want spooky mantel decor on a budget? Look no further! I made all my mantel decor this year with a zero dollar budget!

Spooky mantel decor, a picture of my mantel with bat art, poison bottles, spell books

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My theme for my mantel this year is spooky decor with things I already have at home. I made these poison bottles, bat art, spell books, pumpkin jars, and a music book.

A mantel decorated for Halloween

I really didn’t want to spend money on decor this year, but wanted something different that I haven’t had in years past. Sometimes you just want to mix things up!

Spooky Mantel Decor

I started off by laying some black cheese cloth down on the mantel to give some separation since my entire fireplace is brick. I layered some white and grey cheese cloth down to give some more texture.

Brick mantel decorated for Halloween

The centerpiece for my mantel decor is this bat art. Such a simple project and it is the perfect focal point for my mantel. I kind of wish I had gone even bigger for this art piece, but it still looks amazing on the mantel.

Bat art next to a canvas that says Oct 31

The spell books are bigger anchors on the mantel. I made two of them and had them be different so I could use them in the same place.

Spell book with crow on top next two pumpkin jar with skull on top

The poison bottles of course have to be next to the spell book. What good is a spell without some bat wings and snake oil!

spell book next to poison bottles

Then the pumpkin jars were added to give some more balance. I like the dark they bring to the mantel.

spell book next to poison bottles and pumpkin jar

I used some skulls I already had in my Halloween box and some white pumpkins. The skulls I stuck in a jar with some moss. I figured a witch would have some skulls in a jar, right?

In my Halloween box I had these eyeball ping pong balls. We’ve had them for years and years. I’m pretty sure I bought them to play beer pong one Halloween, so we’ve had these for a while!

pumpkin jar next to skulls in jar and eyeball ping pong balls

We drilled holes in the sides of the ping pong balls, tinted some vinegar water yellow, and then submerged the ping pong balls. The eyes sort of sink float and it looks so cool!

side view of a mantel decorated for Halloween

I used vinegar water so hopefully it won’t mold over time. I plan on keeping this on my mantel for a little over a month.

Mantel decorated for Halloween with a growth chart to the right hand side.

Everything turned out perfect and I’m loving my spooky Halloween mantel! Looks amazing next to the kids growth chart too!

Also, I finally put my PVC candles in the fireplace and they look great. Give off such a perfect glow since it’s still too hot here to use the fireplace.