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8 Ways Children Learn

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Children are so inquisitive. Have you noticed that your child not only likes to touch the plants, but they like to smell them, count their leaves, pick them and sing songs about them? There are so many things children learn while investigating their surroundings. Ever come across a child who seems to be very smart, but doesn’t want to sit down and trace his ABC’s? Worksheets and drawings are out of the picture, but he/she will run around a cornfield till midnight if you let them?

There are hundreds of ways of learning! How do you find the most beneficial way that your child learns? Howard Gardner, a University Professor, developed a theory of “multiple intelligences” where he categorized all the ways that children learn in different areas.

2 young girls outside playing with a flower

8 Ways Children Learn:

  1. Linguistic – “Word Smart” – Children learn best through listening, reading, writing and literature. You can find these kids engrossed in books, flipping through print-outs/worksheets and listening to audio-books.
  2. Logical-Mathematical – “Numbers/Reasoning Smart” – These children learn best through solving problems and mechanics.   You can find these kids building anything out of …. anything!
  3. Spatial – “Picture Smart” – Kids with this learning style learn through pictures, art, and 3-D materials. You can find these children looking at photos of buildings, signs and searching ”Where’s Waldo” puzzles.
  4. Bodily-Kinesthetic – “Movement Smart” – These children learn through obstacle courses and dancing. You can find these kids playing sports, climbing the jungle gym and always on the move.
  5. Musical – “Rhythms and Songs Smart” – Children who learn through music dancing and singing. You can find these kids playing musical instruments, singing familiar songs, learning a variety of dances and creating living art of their own.
  6. Interpersonal – “People Smart” – These kids learn through discussions and projects. These children are “leaders of the group”, organizing and directing their friends to get a job done.
  7. Intrapersonal – “Self Smart” – Children with this learning style learn through self-expression. You can find them drawing pictures, creating art, journaling and spending time in calm places.
  8. Naturalist  – “Outdoor/Nature Smart”- These kids learn best from being outdoors. They love hiking through the parks, burying their feet in the sand, watching a caterpillar up close and covering their little bodies in mud!
Child sitting on adult's lap reading a book

Which learning style is your child?

Which learning style fits your child? Are you having a hard time deciding on just one style? That is because humans are complex. We have interests in a lot of different things and each experience leads to new “loves”. Children have multiple learning styles. It is important to keep all of these different learning styles in mind when trying to teach young children basic skills, academic skills, self-help skills and social skills. No child fits just one mold.

Are you looking to prepare your child for preschool and Kindergarten? Are you wondering how to teach your child necessary Kindergarten Readiness Academic and Social skills using all these ways of learning? JDEducational curriculum is based on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. It includes a variety of different activities that use items typically found around a home, indoor spaces and outdoor spaces. Our activities are simple and encourage a love of learning, right from the start! For more information on the JDEducational activities, visit:

Level JDEducational curriculum series books

About the author:

Jeana Kinne has spent over 16 years in the Early Childhood Education field. She has worked as a Preschool Teacher, Preschool Director, Preschool Consultant and with children with Special Needs. Through her varies work experiences, Jeana wanted to create a way to instill a love of learning at a young age. She created the JDEducational curriculum to teach parents and teachers simple techniques that have long-lasting effects. Children that complete her curriculum are engaged, excited to learn and use what they learned in everyday experiences. She hopes that through learning and growing together, families will create life-long memories.

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