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10 Handmade Gifts for Kids

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Handmade Gifts for kids overlaid on 4 pictures in top left wood dominos, top right giant janga outside near grass, bottom left an unicorn ornament, bottom right handmade oval earings with cardstock paper.

Kids can be some of the easiest people to shop for on your list. But if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to get some generic gift that just anyone could get.

I mean, Christmas is basically all about the kids! So you want to get them something one of a kind. Something they can love and cherish throughout the year. Not just some toy that will be tossed in a few months.

These handmade gifts for kids are just the thing to make for any kid on your list!

This post is part of a series of DIY Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. And be sure to check out the rest of this weeks posts to see all of the DIY Christmas Gifts.

10 Handmade Gifts for Kids

Giant Jenga

DIY Giant Jenga overlaid on green grass with giant jenga next to it on concrete

Giant Jenga is all the rage right now! Not only is this gift perfect for the kids on your list, but its great for their parents too!

Unicorn Headband

Diy this cute unicorn headband in minutes! headband with ears and unicorn horn with hearts laid on top of.

What little girl doesn’t want to be a unicorn? I’m sure almost all of them do.

Strip Quilt

Strip quilt tutorial sewing with children. strip quilt on floor laying on a doll with blonde hair blue eyes leaning up against wood dresser.

Make matching quilts for the kids. So many different options here. It’s even something you can get your little ones to help with!

Rock Rings

These rock rings are so cute and sure to please the older children.

Marshmallow Shooter

pvc pipe marshmallow shooter with red and green painted stripes laying on wood table

So quick and easy that you can make a couple. And you should because otherwise all the kids will fight over these!

Wooden Dominos

A Pile of Wooden Dominoes laying on a red checkered pattern bag with word dominoes on it laying on a wood table

This is one of those gifts that could last a lifetime. They look super classy and the kids will have so much fun playing with them.

Unicorn Ornaments

Free felt unicorn ornament pattern overlaid on pictures of felt unicorn face with ears and unicorn horn and a flower crown and fingers sewing unicorn horn

Adorable ornaments to start off their Christmas tree!

Mod Podge Jewelry

Handmade oval earrings with flower card stock paper in the oval earrings on table with card stock paper and needle-nose pliers

This one is great for those teens. You can personalize this jewelry to match their individual style.

Felt Gingerbread House

Little girl with flower headband and striped shirt playing with felt gingerbread house

How cute is this? Perfect thing for the kids to play with all year long.

Open When Letters

What to put inside your open when letters overlaid on a bunch of envelopes

Another great gift for the older kids on your list. This is a great way to give them gift cards or letters and have them open them all year long.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed this post and the rest in my DIY series. Be sure to check out the rest of this weeks posts to see all of the DIY Christmas Gifts.

What are you planning on making your kids for Christmas this year?

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