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Teacher Gift Ideas

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Looking for gift for Teacher Appreciation Week or really any time of year? I’ve got you covered with these teacher gift ideas. These ideas are perfect for teachers and support staff!

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We all appreciate our kids teacher, but how do we show them? Throughout the year there are numerous opportunities to gift the teachers something special. We all know they don’t need another mug, but what should we get!

Here are some ideas for what to get your kids teacher:

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Teacher Gift Ideas

Keep It Simple

Ask them! Some schools have a list of the teachers favorite items. Get them something from the list. Don’t complicate it.

There are plenty of allergies and preferences. Instead of guessing what the teacher might want, or getting something you know they don’t like just to get something, ask! That way you know the gift is something they actually want.

Things For The Classroom

If you don’t want to ask, then get something for the classroom. Teachers go through lots of pens and dry erase markers. I’m sure your kid knows which ones the teacher uses in class. Ask your kids and then get the pens the teacher likes.

we are grateful for you printable with colorful colored pencils

Or get things that are constantly used in the classroom, like tissues, hand sanitizer, and clorox wipes.

Teacher Gift Ideas

Ok, I get it! You want me to just list out some ideas. Ok here you go:

Pens – especially fancy ones.
Dry Erase Markers
Hand Soap – Teachers use this in their classroom and in the teachers lounge.
Hand Sanitizer
Flowers – Trader Joe’s is my favorite place to get flowers, use recycled containers to send them in.
Gift Cards – preferably to a place you know they like. Normally can’t go wrong with Target or Amazon.
Favorite drink or treat – again ask! Then get them their favorite food item

gift cards with thank you for being my teacher printable

Write a Card

Even if you can’t send in something else, write a card. Or at the very least an email. If you do decide to send an email, you can even CC the principle so they can also see your praise.

labels that say thank you for being my teacher with a rainbow

If you get a multi-card set like this, you can also send cards to all of the specials teachers as well!

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Stay Away From

Unless you know the teacher likes it and specifically asked for it, stay away from food items. There are a lot of allergies and preferences. So it’s possible that they won’t be able to eat it.

Lotion or cream, there are plenty of people who are unable or don’t like to use these. Especially ones that contain fragrance.

Alcohol. This seems to be a popular gift to give to teachers, but it can really backfire. Again, unless you know the teacher like this and asked for it, then go ahead.

Don’t Forget Support Staff And Specials Teachers

Finally, don’t forget the support staff! There are so many important people that work at schools.

we are grateful for you with colored pencils taped onto a soap bottle with flowers in the background

I know that it is impossible to gift something to all of them. But even just a nice card would be wonderful.

Have your kids write a card to all their specials teachers or you can write one to them as well. Again, this multi-pack of cards would be perfect for this. It’s not expensive and it will be very appreciated.

Add a Printable

Finally, whatever you decide to get, add a cute printable to make the gift stand out! I have a few on the site to choose from. This teacher appreciation printable is perfect for teachers and support staff. And this ‘Thank You for Being my Teacher’ printable is great for teachers and specials teachers.

I hope you were able to find something from the list above. Let me know in the comments if you’d have anything you would add to this list!

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