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Printable Valentine’s

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I’m so excited for Valentine’s day this year! Most years I feel like it gets a little lost in the shuffle. But with Bugs being in preschool this year I was really excited to make printable Valentine’s cards.

Free Printable Valentine's. School valentines with heart and toy planes.

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I found these super cute little toy planes at Target in their Valentine’s section. Bugs’ school isn’t big on treats, and let’s face it as a mom neither am I. They just come home and want to eat everything and I have to say no and it’s a big ‘ol fuss!

So instead of having to deal with all of that, I decided these little toys would be perfect for his class. Now I just needed to make a super cute card to go along with it.

Printable Valentine’s

Now I want to share them with you! You’re kids will love passing out these Valentine’s. Just make sure you give one to them too. That way they can get in on the plane races!

Free printable valentine's. Great for schools. "You are plane awesome". "I wheelie like you". In blue and pink.

These are perfect for your kids class, but if you’re looking for cards for adults, I’ve got you covered!

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