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The Secret to Looking Great in Photos

posing tips

What if I told you I have a secret to looking amazing in your photos? You’d probably be super interested, right? We all want to look better in our photos. Well, I’m here to tell you that secret. It’s super simple. It’s all about posing! Here are some posing tips to help you look fabulous the next time you are in front of the camera!

Posing Tips

How to Stand

For Women- don’t face the camera head on! This will make you look bigger than you really are. You want to angle your body a little bit. Not too much! You want it too look natural. Lean back a little bit, putting most of your weight on your foot that in behind you.

For Men- Face the camera straight on with your feet shoulder width apart. Stand as natural as possible.


Natural Smiles

I think the natural reaction is to “say Cheese”. It’s ingrained in our heads form when we are super small. Saying cheese actually don’t produce a natural smile. It produces a super forced smile. You’re better of telling a joke, or talking about meaningful things. Especially when it comes to children! Try to make them laugh. That always makes for the best photos!


Snuggle Up

Don’t be afraid to get in close! Make sure to be touching the other people in the photo so that you look like one cohesive unit. No one should be standing off to the side.



Most people get stage fright when standing in front of the camera and they sort of tense up. This is the worst thing you can do! Make sure to relax your muscles. An easy way to look relaxed it to make sure nothing is clenched. No clenched hands and make sure knees and elbows are bent slightly. Relax your shoulders and pull them back. Tilt your chin down, slightly.

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Have Fun!

Photos are all about emotion! So remember to have fun! Remind yourself once about these tips, but don’t dwell on it. Focus on your family and friends who are in the photos and being in the moment with them. By focusing on the emotion and having fun at your shoot, you’re sure to love the photos!

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There you have it! These posing tips will help you to look great in all of your photos. Whether its family or friends photos remember to keep this in mind anytime you get in front of the camera!


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