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He Is Risen Easter Printable

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I love being able to create original art for my walls and sharing it with you! This Easter printable is perfect to hang on your walls for this season. I wanted something that reminded me of the reason that we celebrate.

He is risen free printable

So I created this adorable printable wall art. It’s really perfect to display in your home year round, but especially during the Easter season.

The circle of flowers reminds me of the crown of thorns. The blue reminds me of the stone that was rolled away. Then the pink reminds me of a renewed life in Jesus.

I love how something so simple can elicit such meaning and feelings. And then of course the words.

He is Risen.

I love displaying this in my home all season long. To remind me of the greatest sacrifice of all. It also looks super cute hanging on my gallery wall.

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I love creating these printables for myself and then sharing them with you. I hope that you enjoy this and that it brings you joy in your home!

If you use this or other printables in your home I’d love to see pictures! You can shoot me an email or tag me on Instagram.