Best Christmas Game – Saran Wrap Ball

Christmas is just around the corner. Can you even believe it?! I feel like this year has just zoomed right by.

Last year, I feel like this saran ball game was everywhere! Everyone I knew was playing a version of it at all their holiday get togethers.

Our Christmas gathering has become smaller and smaller over the years. We now only have a small group of close friends and family who get together.

We’ve tried White Elephant Gifts in the past, and for our group it just never works. No one steals, everyone has a different sense of humor, and no one ever *really* wants anything.

So we’ve been trying to decide what else to do. Last year we decided to try this saran ball game. We also did a crazy sock exchange.

Best Christmas Game

The Saran Ball Game was so much fun!! I definitely think it’s the best Christmas game for a group of people. Everyone loved it. It almost didn’t matter what the prizes were; everyone wanted to get one.

We did a couple smaller gift cards in the $5-$10 range and then the center of the ball was a $50 gift card. But again, almost no one cared what they received. They were just as excited about the pens and gum as they were about the gift cards.

I also included these special prompt cards. You can find them in our VIP library. They had trivia questions and random commands, like to throw the ball across the room.

You also got a special prize at the end if you had the most cards. Everyone loved the trivia and having to do funny things. But the commands moving the ball around the room or switching directions were not as appreciated!

Best Christmas Game - Saran Wrap Ball

Active Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours


  • Saran Wrap
  • Gifts to go in Saran Wrap - gift cards, mints, small toys, candies, prompt cards, etc.


  • Scissors


  1. Assemble all of your gifts in one area. Start with the gift you want to be in the center.
  2. Take your first gift and wrap the saran wrap around the gift. Try to evenly wrap the saran wrap around the gift to get your ball shape.
  3. Continue wrapping the saran wrap in all different directions. Adding your gifts to create the ball shape and cutting the saran wrap as necessary.


  1. Don't worry about the saran wrap getting all tangled up. This is good. It will make it harder to get to the prizes.
  2. You may want to cut the saran wrap and then start over in a new area keep wrapping to make the prizes even harder to get
  3. This game can be as short or as long as you want. Make the ball bigger or smaller. You can also have the gifts be worth very little or a lot more.

How to Play

  1. You'll need dice and a bunch of people! You can also use gloves to make it even harder. We used socks and it definitely makes it way more difficult to get the plastic wrap off.
  2. Have one person start unwrapping the ball. Have the person to their left start rolling the dice. As soon as a double is rolled the person unwrapping has to stop!
  3. Take scissors and cut the plastic wrap and make sure to pat it down really well. Hand it to the person on your right. Have the person holding the dice hand it to the person on their right (the person who was just unwrapping).
  4. Play again. As soon as the person starts unwrapping, the dice person starts.
  5. To choose who starts off the game you can have the ball go to the oldest or youngest in the room. Or use one of our trivia questions and the fastest correct answer goes first!

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Overall, everyone loved this game and had a great time playing! Definitely planning on doing this again this year!



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