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Baby Dedication Gift from Parents

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What do you get for a baby dedication gift from parents? When my babies were little and we were doing their baby dedications this is the question I kept asking myself over and over again.

Baby Dedication Gift from Parents overlaid by an opened bible

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I wanted something that they would hopefully treasure and that would last a lifetime. That put a lot of pressure on me to come up with something super special.

At first I thought I might do a necklace. Maybe an engraved bracelet or some type of jewelry. But I wasn’t really sure that they would love it as they got older.

I didn’t want just anything that would get shoved aside or forgotten. It had to be something that was going to be useful and was able to hold a lot of meaning.

Baby Dedication Gift from Parents

Finally, I decided on getting them Bibles. I picked a Bible that I felt fit each of my kids. A lot of thought went into each one.

For Bugs, I picked a beautiful leather looking Bible with a lion embossed on the front. I pictured him carrying it to church with him as he got older. Something that he would be proud to be holding as an adult.

I picked the lion because I knew even at 2 months that he was strong willed and I wanted him to remember to be courageous.

For Little Miss, I wanted something fun. I picked a beautiful blue Bible with gold flecks. She was 8 months old when we did her dedication and she is also strong willed and sassy! But also so fun and loving.

I wanted her Bible to be fun and uplifting, something that would make her smile when she looked at it. Remind her of her uniqueness and the beauty within. I pictured her flipping through it for years and getting lost in its word.

I had each of the Bibles embossed with their name. Our local Christian college does embossing, as did our local Christian bookstore before they closed.

Baby Dedication Gift Holy Bibles overlaid by one green bible with yellow dots and one bible with a face of a lion

Then we had everyone that came to the dedication write something special to the kids in the Bible. We asked everyone to write or highlight their favorite Bible verse so that they kids would be able to know the favorite verses of all their friends and family.

John and I also wrote our verses for the kids and little letters for them about the verse and our hopes for them.

The Bibles look so cute and I love knowing that the kids will have these for years to come.

Kate Newmen

Monday 14th of September 2020

This is so cute! I recently gifted my niece a personalized bible similar to this and imprinted her name on it. She loved it!