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10 Cake Smash Alternatives

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Cake Smash Alternatives over laid on toddlers legs with frosting on toes and cake sitting on grass

I love cake smashes! They are probably my favorite session to do. Watching kids get to dive into something and get all messy and dirty is so much fun! Some kids love the cake and others just aren’t that into it though. And cake can have a lot of sugar in it, which maybe you aren’t happy about giving your child. But every kid should get a little dirty for their first birthday! That’s why I came up with 10 great cake smash alternatives.

While I think all of these are great ideas, we want to make sure that your child stays safe. So please make sure that your child has had these before! Don’t choose the day of their photo shoot to give them any new foods, and always be aware of choking hazards.

10 Cake Smash Alternatives

1. Pancakes

How adorable would a breakfast themed photo shoot be?! Get a big stack of pancakes, you could make them regular pancakes or chocolate chip, sprinkles, fruit, and them pour on a little syrup. Your child can get messy and still dig into something without as high of a sugar content.

2. Ice Cream or Ice Cream Sandwiches

This is perfect for a summer baby. Ice cream is the perfect summer food and it’s messy and easy to eat. You can give your child a big bowl of it or give them an ice cream cone or ice cream sandwich and just let them go to town. Think of all that melty ice cream and the cute messy face photos!

3. Pie

There are so many different types of pie! This is one that you can really tailor to your child’s tastes and get something that they will enjoy.

4. Cupcakes

This is the same line of a normal cake smash. But instead of just one big cake, think of doing a couple small cupcakes and letting your child eat those.

5. Cookies

Think cookie monster. Get a couple dozen cookies, let your child go at them! They can break them in their hands, throw them about, and of course eat them!

6. Sprinkles

Just think of sprinkles stuck on little fingers and little toes. It would make for some adorable photos! You can also throw some up in the air like confetti to make for some fun photos.

7. Popsicles

Another good treat for a hot summer day. Kids will love the cold feel and licking the Popsicle. They will get drippy syrup all over their faces and it will probably run down their arms and legs too.

8. Fruit

Lots of great options for fruit. Think blueberries, strawberries, or watermelon. Fruit can be messy, but it also doesn’t have the same sugar as some of the other options.

9. Lollipops

I’m thinking the big lollipops that are the size of their head! They can hold it and pose with it and as they are licking, they will definitely get all those colors all over their face. Get a fun swirly one with lots of different colors that will be sure to make them super sticky and messy!

10. Cool Whip

Let’s face it, the best part about the cake smash is watching the kid get frosting everywhere! So just skip the cake! Get a big bowl of cool whip and let your child have at it.


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If you haven’t sensed the theme, it’s just to make sure that your kid gets messy! If your child has another food that they love and is something that will get them semi-messy it will make for great photos.

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