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DIY Pillow from Rugs

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I could not find pillows that I loved for my DIY kitchen benches, so I decided to make DIY pillow from rugs! All the pillows that I found were either too tall or too short. This allowed me to make the perfect sized pillow for my needs.

DIY Pillows from Rugs from dollar store rugs

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I found these super cute rugs at the Dollar Tree. I love that they have tassels and that they are cheap!

I ended up making 2 long pillows and 2 shorter pillows. My Dollar Tree didn’t have a ton of rugs, so I bought 6 rugs.

rugs i found from dollar store

My original plan was to create the pillows using rugs on both the front and back, like BloomingDIYer did, but I couldn’t find enough rugs. I already had some drop cloth at home, so I decided to use that for the backs of the pillows.

I had originally started out hand sewing these. It can be done, but it takes so long! So I decided to try my luck with a sewing machine.

This is one of my very first times using a sewing machine. So I had no idea how this was going to turn out.

Thankfully, they turned out amazing! And gave me the confidence I needed to make new chair covers and removable bench covers!

DIY Pillow from Rugs

These pillows were so fun to make. In retrospect, I probably should have attached three rugs together to make one long pillow the size of my bench.

Instead, I made one long pillow with two rugs, and one short pillow with 1 rug for each bench. So in total, I have two long pillow and two short pillows.

On the long pillows, I decided to put some cute buttons. I did not put them on the shorter pillows though. I love the way that they turned out!

Yield: 4

DIY Pillow from Rugs

DIY Pillow from Rugs

How to make DIY pillows from Dollar Tree rugs!

Active Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  1. For the long pillows, attach two rugs together by putting them right sides together and sewing along one of the tasseled sides.
  2. Lay the rugs over the drop cloth and then cut the drop cloth to match the rugs.
  3. Put the rugs right side in on top of the drop cloth and sew the top together. Sew the bottom together, leaving a gap to attach Velcro. Flip right side out and sew the tasseled sides with tassels out.
  4. Sew your Velcro onto the drop cloth and the rugs to finish the pillow.
  5. Hand sew two buttons to the middle seam of the two rugs on the front of the pillow.
  6. Cut open your body pillow and add batting into the middle of the pillow. When the pillow is full enough, Velcro closed.
  7. For the smaller pillows, lay one rug over the drop cloth and cut the drop cloth to match the size of the rug.
  8. Put the rug right side in on top of the drop cloth and sew the top and bottom together. Flip right side out and sew one of the tasseled sides with tassels out. On the other tassel side, add your Velcro. Then add the batting from your body pillow into the middle of the pillow.


The rugs are not all the same side. Some are slightly larger or smaller. So your pillows will not all be the same size.

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