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DIY Fall Wreath

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I took a friend to Hobby Lobby with me when looking for supplies for my seasonal wreath makeover. She was lamenting about how she wanted a fall wreath, but nothing at Hobby Lobby spoke to her.

Her house is really more modern eclectic. So after getting home, I decided to make her a DIY fall wreath. First, I had to decide what modern eclectic wreaths even looked like!

DIY Fall Wreath Using Wire Hangers overlaid by finished DIY fall wreath

So I headed to Google. I saw some beautiful triangle wall decor and thought I could probably make a triangle wreath. So I did.

DIY Fall Wreath

This wreath is honestly super easy to make. All your need are 3 wire hangers, wire cutters, twine, hot glue, floral picks and zip ties.

I love this because it can easily be customized for any holiday! I attached the flowers with two zip ties to the frame.

Those zip ties could easily be cut and the flowers could be interchanged depending on the season. I’m a sucker for decor that can be easily changed for different holidays.

How to make the Triangle Frame

All you need to do is use the wire cutters to cut your wire hangers. I cut them right above where the curve is.

Wired hanger cut with wire cutters

Then use your wire to form a triangle. You can overlap the curved edges.

Wire hanger turned into a triangle

Glue the curved edges together. The bond doesn’t have to be really strong, because then you’ll wrap twine around to secure the wires together.

The twine will hide the imperfections. So it’s alright if the wires aren’t perfectly even!

wrap corners of triangle with twine

Once you’ve attached all three sides together and wrapped with the twine, you have a triangle frame!

Triangle wire with twine wrapped corners hanging on wall

I decided to use jute to make fringe on the bottom. You could use ribbon or yarn. Just remember if you’re putting this on your front door to use something that will stand up to the weather.

Craft Designer Jute (Twine)

I cut the jute into 3 foot pieces. To attach the jute, fold the strand in half, lay it on top of the wire, pull the jute tail under the wire and then through the loop, then pull tight to create a knot.

Knotting the twine

Do this a bunch of times. I used around 50 strands.

Twine intertwined attached and hanging on bottom third of wire hanging on wall

Adding Flowers

Now comes the fun part! Adding flowers. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked floral picks that had multiple elements to them.

I put the picks together in the store and laid them out how I envisioned they would go on the wreath. After messing around with them, this is the combination that I thought looked the best.

I picked 2 pearlized harvest pumpkin picks, 2 white sunflower picks, 1 white sunflower and orange berry pick, and 1 green, brown, and cream wheat pick.

Finished DIY Fall Wreath

I zip tied the floral picks together so that they were one solid piece before attaching them to the wreath. This way I knew I liked the way everything sat. It was easier to make changes before attaching it to the wreath.

Then, I used some velcro and zip ties to attach the flowers to the wreath. I had wanted to only use velcro, but the velcro ties kept slipping. So I had to zip tie the left flowers to the wire to hold them up.

Yield: 1

DIY Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath

DIY triangular fall wreath. Made using wire hangers, twine, and floral picks.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes



  1. Start with three wire hangers. Use wire cutters to cut the hangers right above where it starts to curve on both sides.
  2. Lay the wire hangers out in to a triangle. Use the hot glue to glue the corners of the hangers together, then wrap with the 2mm twine. The twine will secure the hangers together. Make sure the twine is even on both sides on the top.
  3. Lay your triangle aside. Cut the 28lb twine into approx 3 foot lengths. Then wrap around the bottom of the triangle.
  4. Lay your triangle wreath out. Then lay out your floral picks on top. Use zip ties to secure the floral picks together. Then zip tie or use velcro straps to secure your floral picks to your triangular wreath.

I’m so stinking excited with how this wreath turned out! I love it so much, I almost didn’t want to give it away! I’m thinking I’ll have to make myself a second one for Christmas.

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