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25 Days of Christmas Gifts – Books for Kids

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Are you looking for the perfect 25 days of Christmas gift for the book lover in your life? Then look no further. This is especially great for younger kids to help them get into the holiday spirit!

25 days of Christmas gift idea - 25 books, one for each day of the Christmas season

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Last year we did this for Bugs and it was a big hit! We wrapped 25 books up and put them under the tree. For December 1st, I also wrapped up new Christmas PJs.

Christmas tree decorated next to piano

Every year we also do a 25 days of Christmas advent calendar. Each day we have an activity and a Bible verse. So we would do our daily activity, read our Bible verse, and then right before bed, Bugs would unwrap a book.

It was a wonderful Christmas tradition that we started last year. The kids are already looking forward to it this year.

Now you’re probably wondering how I did this. Getting 25 books for Christmas is no small feat. If I were to go out and purchase 25 books, it would be a hefty price tag.

However, I did not go out and buy 25 new books. I did buy a couple new books, but I was strategic in the books I purchased.

christmas books one for each day of the 25 days of christmas

We had a couple books already in our collection, like ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’ and of course ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’.

Target’s dollar section sometimes has themed books as well. I was able to pick up a couple Rudolph stories by Bendon.

25 Days of Christmas Gifts – Books

The rest of the books, a good chunk, I got from the library! The kids definitely didn’t need 25 new books. And since a couple of the books were purchased, they weren’t upset that the rest had to go back.

Besides, you really only read Christmas books once a year. Just kidding, we read ours all the time! Especially ‘The Polar Express‘ because Bugs loves trains.

A few tips for getting the books from the library:

  1. Go early and get your books. Ideally before Thanksgiving. The library pulls Christmas books and places them in a section all their own after Thanksgiving.
  2. Ask your library how they denote Christmas books. Most have a special sticker they use. Mine is a candy cane. It’s easy to scan the shelves looking for that.
  3. Ask your library if you can extend your check out date, how many times, and how to do it. Ours will let you extend the check out date once, and I can log into my account online and do it there.
christmas books one for each day of the 25 days of christmas

You might have to make multiple trips to the library. Or if you’re planning on buying books, you can use the ones you bought towards the end of the month.

I wrapped all my books and then wrote the name of the book on the back. You could easily just write the due date if you have little ones who can read. That way you make sure you don’t incur late fees.

All in all, this 25 days of Christmas gift worked wonderfully, and it was such a wonderful thing to read a new book every night.

Christmas Book Recommendations

Here are some of my favorite books from last year:

These were some we read last year that we didn’t quite love, I think they were too old for my young readers:

Our favorite from last year was probably ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’. It’s the words to the song with beautiful illustrations. I’m planning on buying it for this year.

Also, any of the Snowmen series by Bueher & Bueher are great! So if you can’t find those exact ones, get any of them.

My son’s favorite show last year was PJ Masks, so look for your kids favorite character in a Christmas book. We read this well past Christmas last year.

Here are a few other books I plan on picking up for this year:

So tell me, what books would you give for a 25 days of Christmas gift?