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Winter Activities for Toddlers

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I love doing crafts, so it was just a matter of time for my baby to grow a bit and get involved with me. At 1 year old, while we were living in Brazil (my country), as we didn’t have free space at home and there weren’t any good parks for kids outside, I put her in an Arts Class to develop her motor & socialization skills. It was just 1 hours and I had to be present, so I also learned more about simple home activities. I study Pedagogy (and will homeschool soon), so those moments have been important for my knowledge as well. Whether you’re planning to homeschool as well, just spend more quality time with your babies, or understand them better, I made a list of easy activities we can do with them using materials found at home during the cold times.

Warning: Some activities might be a little messy and dirty, so get ready to join in the fun, and you might want to separate a bigger place to play and cover the floor (and even the walls) with some plastic.

Winter Activities for Toddlers


Playing with textures can get a little messy, but that’s all part of the fun for babies. Everything is new to them so any texture that might be common for us could be amusing, such as: rice, eggs, sand, rocks.

Toddler playing with textures

Odors & Tastes

To give a good and pleasant experience with odors, we can also use most of the “Texture Items”, the trick is to choose fruits that would also have a great smell: passion fruit, oranges

Toddler playing with textures and getting messy


To play and teach colors can be as simple as mixing water + colorant as making our own non-toxic paint with flour, water, and food colorant.
They do like playing with water (which is also a good “texture activity”), and paint + paper can also make they become talented artists.????
We could also use bright, colorful toys, or objects, and say out loud each color.

Toddler playing in a sandbox with toys


Babies love noise, don’t they? I don’t like it much, but I do love music, and so does she. So we spend many of our afternoons listening to music + dancing. It doesn’t have to baby songs, it can be any entertaining current pop music. We like to listen to Calvin Harris, Rihanna and so on.

Toddler playing with textures on wall

I hope you find this small list useful and a good point to start (:

I’m Dâmares, a housewife and new mom, learning to live again by traveling after surviving a narcissistic relationship. Inspired by my baby, I also have a baby clothing store. You can find our honest behind-the-scenes & adventures on + (:

Toddler playing with big blue bouncy ball

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