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Trailer Remodel – Prep and Prime – ORC Week 2

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Week 2 of the One Room Challenge is upon us and I can’t wait to get in to the fun painting and redecorating. But first, I need to complete all the prep.

Trailer Renovation week 3 One Room Challenge Guest Participant. Me holding the cabinets in the trailer

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Last week I shared our mood board for our trailer and started prepping to paint.

Trailer Remodel Prep and Prime

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase items through my links I may earn a commission. You can find our full policy here. Thank you.

First, I had to remove all the doors from the cabinets and all the hardware. I washed the hardware by soaking it in some vinegar to make sure it was clean.

Silver hinges on the counter

The vinegar worked great for the door handles, but it rusted all the screws. So I’ll have to buy new screws for the outside of the doors.

Rusty screws

I still haven’t decided if I will paint the hardware. It’s in good condition, so I’ll wait until I get the paint on and then decide.

Handles soaking in vinegar

The wall paper was already peeling in some spots, so I tore it in those spots. I’ve decided to not worry about the walls being perfect. There’s no way I’m peeling all the wall paper off.

Me holding a dewalt drill in one hand and a cabinet door in the other in front of cabinets with no doors

Done is way better than perfect when it comes to this trailer. It’s still going to be adorable no matter what, and I most likely won’t notice all the tiny imperfections once it’s all done.

A picture of a wall. The bottom half is primed, the top half has some old wallpaper

Next I needed to clean all the cabinets and walls. I used TSP to do this.

Me sitting behind a home depot bucket, tsp, and a sponge.

It’s super important when working with TSP to properly clean off the TSP or the paint will not adhere properly. So I cleaned the walls, cabinets, and inside cabinets with TSP.

Me cleaning the walls with a sponge

Then, got a clean bucket of water and rinsed off all the TSP from the walls, cabinets, and inside the cabinets. You can see in the photo below what the dried TSP looks like on the walls. That’s why its super important to clean it off!

Close up of a wooden wall with tiny white specs on it.

Once everything dried out, I finally got to start painting. Well primer that is! I primed all the cabinets and the walls.

I didn’t prime the wall behind the stove, because I have another idea for that wall. But I primed the rest of them.

Kitchen area with all the cabinets taken off.

I used a small foam roller and a Wooster brush to paint the primer. I’ve heard amazing things about the Wooster brushes and so I wanted to try it for myself.

Me painting the upper cabinets with primer.

I honestly didn’t love it. It was hard to get a crisp line. I much prefer a Purdy brush for cutting in.

I love the flexible handle, but the bristles are a bit large for a clean edge. Lucky for me, for the primer at least, a clean edge wasn’t that important because I primed everything!

Primer on the bottom cabinets

It’s already looking so good, but I can’t wait to start getting some color on these walls!

Two kids looking at the primed cabinets

Renovation To Do List:

Whole Trailer


Flooring – decide on peel and stick or click and connect


Replace Lights

Decide about rugs and wall decor


Line all cabinets and drawers

Make and Install new wooden caps for top of bench seats

New Backsplash

Wallpaper for front wall


Living Room

Pillows for couch

Make and Install new wood jam for above door

Make and Install new wooden cover for under sofa

Spray paint or replace sconces


New Shower Curtain

Decide on painting or wallpaper

Install new shower handles and nozzle


Caulk around all windows outside

Replace lights outside

Figure out clothes and toy storage solutions

Make sure to follow along on Instagram, as I’m posting daily updates! Or, check back next week to see all the progress made.

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